new home cinema system set up help onkyo TX-sr308

Found 22nd May 2010
Hey guys

i just bought this package

i really need some help in configuring the settings on my AV equipment. and the reciever which is a onkyo TX-SR308.

i have a ps3 conected to it via HDMI,and my sky HD box via HDMI and an optical cable as i believe the sky hd box cant output 5.1 over hdmi.

my problems are it doesnt seem to matter what i do i am positive i am only getting a 2.1 sound out of my reciever,

i will ask about the ps3 first,what should i set the sound settings to on the ps3,its currently set to automatic,which looks like its set to out put,5.1 dts,5.1 dolby digital,a few 2.1 pcm settings over various khz,and the same for some 5.1 pcm settings over various khz.

when i have have this selected on the amp i get picture and sound,the display on the reciever shows "Bd multich"how do i get it to outpu true Hd sound(using dark night bluray as my demo disc) i cant seem to get it anyway i try,all i can get the reciever to output and display is BD multich which is 5.1 pcm from my ps3 according to the instructions when i press display a few times it should display the sound options of the incoming source i get "mch pcm 5.1"and fs: 48khz" no mention of any dolby hd or digital and i have tried it with a Dts hd disc and the same result,i know this will something in the setting but i just cant fathom it out.

when conected to my sky hd box,when i remove the optical cable i still get sound so its just picking up the 2.1 from the hdmi and not using the optical,againg i will have probably have wrong settings in the sky box or reciever or both(probably).

sorry about the long winded post,this is my
first foray into a home cinema set up and i done i bit of research and picked a good name and decnt spec for the money i had.
any help would be very much appreciated
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what ps3 do you have? slim or fat?

what ps3 do you have? slim or fat?

hi mate,fat 80gb

hi mate,fat 80gb

the fat cant bitstream the audio to the amp so it does the decoding on board. its still hd but your amp will only ever say pcm or something.
i can set it to bitstream mate

i can set it to bitstream mate

yep you can set it to bitstream, but it doesnt mean it will do it.
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