New house

    Iv just bought a new house, not lived in it yet, I am single, not on benefits, are there any grants I can apply for, for maintenence etc?

    Thank you


    as fa as i know just 25% reduction in council tax, if you live alone

    you can have cavity insulantion cheaper or for 99 pounds depending on what you earn

    Ah single, with your own house.......

    What I wouldnt do to swap with you........


    Single and not on benefits - you're what's termed a 'mug' (like me).

    We just pay taxes for all the other people who don't work and smile about it.

    there are various grants for cavity wall insulation and suchlike,but it depends on the area you live in as to what is available.

    Im single not on benefits with a new house, new houses will usually have cavity wall insulation, no grants available that i know of,just what has been said above 25% reduction on council tax if you live alone.

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    I guess we're all just paying for other peoples freebies from the government who are benefits extra, just carry on paying the taxes for nothing in return.
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