New house without BT line, how to get Tiscali Free phone line?

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Found 28th Jan 2008
Hi, I'm planning to sign up a BT line then switch to tiscali for free phone line rental broadband package. But I was told BT will charge penalty for breaking the contract sign I need to select either 12 or 18 months contract with BT. the longer BT term means i get to pass less for connection charge. 125 vs 65 i think. Anyone have experience on this?


if you have a new line from bt installed, there will be a minimum of a 12 month contract. you will be able to use another company to make calls if you still pay bt the line rental. from what i can tell, tiscali would totally take over the line, so you would be in breach of your contract. try phoning tiscali and see whether they would pay off the bt contract


Terms here for Tiscali. Is this a new way of preventing potential customers from knowing the facts LOL…627


Terms here for Tiscali. Is this a new way of preventing potential … Terms here for Tiscali. Is this a new way of preventing potential customers from knowing the facts LOL

Copy and paste into notepad.

To cancel the BT line you would basically have to pay the reconnection charge and then pay a disconnection charge too. If you took the 18 month contract it would cost you £62.50 to connect and then a further £70 to cancel the contract. It's shocking, but there seems to be no way round it.

Sorry we can't be much more help to you! Donnydude is right saying you could ask Tiscali and see if they'll cover the cancellation cost for you, it's worth a shot!



Copy and paste into notepad.

fair enough but not a great thing for new customers to see. One tip is to try and ring up a customer service assistant before taking out lengthy contracts. Bt sales lines are picked up very quickly. Their support lines are completely different. Took me 3 weeks of daily calls of between half an hour and 40 minutes before I eventually got some chap who couldnt speak english.

Wouldnt touch any of the big names (BT, BG, Npower etc.).

I must say i was with tiscalli for broadband only, the customer service should be looked at under the trade descriptions act... cause you don't get a service, broadband never worked properly and i ended up telling them to place their product where you don't get much sun light:w00t: might have changed now but i doubt it...

I'm not sure when it'll happen, but the system is there and in place for OLO's (other licencesed operators) to order telephone provisions from openreach, BT retail is just a service provider, in the same way that Talk Talk and Tiscali are (to name a few).
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