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Found 9th Apr 2008
If it was April 1st I would have said this was an April Fools joke but it looks like it's for real, urgh, why on earth would you want to eat that??…d=2…her
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sounds disgusting
[SIZE="7"][COLOR="Magenta"]Y U C K[/COLOR][/SIZE]:w00t:

new 'mash Cone' consisting of sausage, mash potato, gravy and peas in an ice cream cone has been invented.

Food company Aunt Bessie's claims it is breathing new life into the fortunes of the ice cream van by replacing the 99 Flake with an all-weather alternative
Urrggghhhh sounds horrible!!!!
Or how about fishfingers, mash and beans for the kiddies?
Hehe. Bet all you HUKDers could come up with alot better.....

Pssst ... anyone for spaghetti ice cream?…htm
Have a look at Heston Blumethal's tasing menu at the Fat Duck for some "interesting" ideas.…htm

Only £125 + drinks!
UGH who would eat that? :w00t:
I would. I can't really see the problem with it? I like sasauge, mash and peas so why wouldn't I eat it? Just because it comes in a cone?
so you haven't heared of Heston Blomenthal with his savoury icecreams?
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