New iMac wanted for wife

Found 14th Oct 2007
Anyone got any recommendations on buying a new iMac for the wife please?
Looking at the 20 inch version with the 2.4 GHz chip.

Thanks very much

J :thumbsup:
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I don't think you can go far wrong with any of the new models. Try taking a look in John Lewis and you will get a 2 year warranty if they have the model you want. Don't go through the Apple Store though! It took them a week to despatch mine and then said it would take 13 days to arrive by courier!
Thought they were joking but it ain't here yet!

Anyone got any recommendations on ... a new iMac for the wife

sounds like a good trade :giggle:
I was gonna say that lol
You haven't seen his wife, she's probably well fit.
If you go through the Apple Store there is a £23 Off Voucher Code available ATM - hotukdeals.com/for…her + Quidco.

I would recommend you hold off for a few weeks too, the new OS is being released before the end of this month and it will replace the current Tiger which is now over two years old.
Thanks for the replies, I will look in JL thanks, they do offer an upgrade on the OS if you buy a machine with the previous version within two weeks I believe (Apple that is).

Oh and I knew I get those other responses as soon as I posted! Thanks tourist, she is

Cheers all
:giggle: sorry, just couldn't resist ...
Not a problem
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