New improvements to the search experience on hotukdeals

Posted 15th Nov 2023
We are happy to let you know about improvements to our search pages, that will enhance how you explore, engage with, and find the content you are looking for.

We’ve continued to listen to the feedback shared regarding our search experience, notably, that it was difficult for you to find the content you are looking for, with no clear options to refine results, or make adjustments to your search criteria. Whilst we continue to explore ways to improve the technology our search engine relies on, its inherent complexity has so far led us to deprioritize it amidst our varied focus areas. Nonetheless, we are excited to introduce dynamic filters as a first step in bringing an enhanced experience to search that offers you more control.

Now available on desktop and mobile web (and on our apps in the near future), dynamic filters can be
used on any search you make on the platform.

Refining results to specific retailers or categories, along with price range adjustments and sorting options, we are giving you more control over the content you wish to find. We’ll give you instant adjustments to
your results, allowing you to experiment and adjust criteria based on your needs.

We're thrilled to introduce this new approach to filters that gives you more control over your search and content discovery! We believe it’s just the beginning of an improved search experience and are already considering introducing more filters and other changes. On that note, we're excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Our goal is to enhance how you explore content beyond just search, and your feedback is incredibly valuable in making meaningful improvements that truly matter to our community, so thank you in advance!
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  1. GrantG182's avatar
    Very good, but can you now add a sort? The search results are often not relevant, even now, with deals appearing from today and several weeks/months ago, before more recent deals are shown in results. Sort by date, heat, etc. Please
    Mark's avatar
    Sort is already there - On desktop you'll find the dropdown at the top right of results. On mobile, it'll be just above the results in the grey space

    We default to the most relevant, but there's other options available to choose from. If you have any other sorting options you would like to suggest for the future, I'm happy to hear them
  2. bozo007's avatar
    Has this made it easy for people to find the Discussions tab? The search always defaults to Deals which, in turn, makes people ask the same thing again & again in Discussions.
    Jason's avatar
    I'm sure it would do, yep. For example if we consider the term 'Flamedeer trading'. Once you search the term and hit Discussion you can easily see the option to only search in titles rather than descriptions and then sort your results by most recent.

    Before you'd need to select this on the filter dropdown whereas now you have all these options available on the same page so you can keep tweaking your results to find exactly what you want.…new

    It defaults to Deals because that is what most use cases of the search would be. I have to be honest and say that I doubt many people search Discussions before asking their question so that is more of a task to educate people to use the search rather than working out whether the search isn't helping them find the content before they post. (edited)
  3. NeighbourhoodSpiderman's avatar
    can we search discussions?
    Sigma's avatar
    The Deals / Discussions tabs display across the top left of the results

  4. Jarosik's avatar
    Discussion specific search is a nice feature 🔥 🏻 (edited)
  5. richp's avatar
    Awww man, jason what you doing, it's been broken for years, decades & you've gone & fixed it (possibly) 😏
    Jason's avatar
    If it is fixed i'll take the credit but if not, please speak to
  6. Jason's avatar
    I love the description on that deal
  7. stuartw's avatar
    I'm sure it's been discussed to death, however here it is from me
    HUK would be 100% better experience of you could fit it categories.
    Ie if you don't want a PS or XBOX (maybe you've bought one already through here) then removing the gaming category from view would make it better and easier to find what you want..
    Yes some deals wouldl slip through and you might miss a deal that was incorrectly labelled, but still better in my opinion
    Sigma's avatar
    Hi unfortunately we don't have the community functionality to generally exclude particular groups or retailers at this time. But I've merged your post into this discussion, as the parameters on our search results options have recently been greatly improved to make it much easier to display your search results and then to filter those results by category or store for example in very easy steps
  8. plebbygiraffe's avatar
    Finally an update that's not regressive doo-doo.
  9.'s avatar
    Finally - spotted the new tools yesterday and what an improvement

    Just seen that there is also finally a date sort too
    Jason's avatar
    Great! Should make a huge difference when it comes to helping people find the stuff they want. The sorting is especially good (edited)
  10. ToddHoffman's avatar
    How about fixing posts like this, 2200 plus degrees for a post at RRP, got to love those affiliate pounds eh.…041
    Jason's avatar
    Our new Publication Rules allowed more flexibility in terms of the types of products which could be shared. The community often told us we were too strict in terms of hard to obtain or popular products and they'd like to see more of them on the platform.

    The fact this thread is 2212° tells me the community is interested in seeing this type of product.

    As for your reference to 'got to love those affiliate pounds', Steam does not even have an affiliate program but if your point was intended to extend beyond this merchant, no part of the review of the Publication Rules considered monetisation. It is not the job of the community team to be concerned about how this website makes money.
  11. Grug's avatar
    Please can you add the ability to filter certain key words?

    There are certain brands and mobile networks that just don't do service in my area so would love to avoid any unnecessary results where possible.
    Jason's avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion. The team is always looking at ways to improve personalisation so i'll make sure they see this comment
  12. Sherbat's avatar
    Nice! When will dark mode drop on desktop, night time browsing is an eye sore. The app has it, why not the official site?
  13. B_Marvel's avatar
    Why can I only go back 6 months in my activities section?

    I use to be able to see all my activities over the years.
    Nathan's avatar
    Back in August we changed activity feeds to hold a one year list of activity. Due to the size of the community (nearly 3 million members!) and the age of some accounts it wasn't sustainable for us to maintain an all time activity feed - the content such as comments still remain however

    If you need help finding something specific you can drop me a PM, or drop a PM to the shared community team inbox with as much detail as possible.
  14. HappyShopper's avatar
    Can we have an Expired Deals Only filter?
    Jason's avatar
    You would only want to see expired deals?

    Maybe you can explain why this function would be helpful for you.
  15. zarg's avatar
    Is it possible to set up alerts with specific retailers? It seems that adding the alert for a merchant will match any title and not that specific merchant.
    Sigma's avatar
    If you search for a retailer name and then select them from the 'Merchants' section of the alert results

  16. rBitek's avatar
    Amazing. Been hoping this would happen ❤️
's avatar