New In Box Unlocked Htc Touch Diamond Mda - How much is one of these worth

    As above, my friend is desperate for some money and has offered me the phone, i said i would see how much its worth.



    Is it Vodafone branded ? I don't mean SIM locked.

    around £150-£200

    Original Poster

    no branding on it at all, its the HTC MDA IV, its even got the Tomtom 6 on it with a black credit card style with the license number on it, so i would says its probably worth more?

    like an idiot he's bought a car, insured it, goes out clubbing, spending his money on his girlfriend, ive never seen her with any money (she needs to go serious time)

    now he can't afford the rent which is due end of the month....

    The price I said was for the HTC Diamond. HTC MDA IV will be worth more than that. If the tomtom includes map and/or traffic updates, then it would add a few £ to the price.


    Closed @ OP request - thanks for the report
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