new internal hard drive 40GB+


    my internal hard drive on my computer has gone and i need to replace it.

    i know theres alot of good deals for computers coming up on here regularly so does anyone now the best place to buy an internal hard drive of at least 40GB.

    needs to be a 40GB IDE with 7200rpm.




    It's a price comparison for PC components. Got good bargains there in the past.

    Click Here

    80GB here for £37 on collect at store in PCWorld; add £4 for delivery.

    As you are replacing the disk, all you need is the bare disk - no cables etc so this one will be fine for you. It's OEM which basically means that it will come with nothing other than the disk and maybe 4 screws - just what you need.

    They have a 40GB for a few pounds more.

    You should be ok with any disk up to 120GB (and possibly larger depending on your PC spec).

    What about a monster like this one.
    > 300GB <
    This drive is IDE-100.

    You do realise that the 7200rpm is not an essential characteristic? You need to check the type of IDE connection. This will probably be either an IDE-100 or UDMA 133 (more recent).

    If you check the motherboard manual, it will tell you what types of hard drive your computer will be compatible with. If you can get the drive with the higher spec you will improve performance (slightly).


    Original Poster…spx

    Dell says that this is the one that i need, but i dont now what connection is has. i basically dont want to fork out this much money for only 40gb.

    cant anyone tell me what connection type this is?

    thanks for all your help some great deals. karma given.

    the connection type is "IDE" also sometimes called "ATA" with it's various incarnations ATA100, 133 etc.
    you should go for 80gb or more as i think it gives you better value for money. i don't think they manufacture 40gb drives any more.
    hope this helps.


    The drives available on Lowest on Web should fit your requirements. Additionally you'll get a bit of quidco!
    As Diodorus said the price difference betwen 40 and 80GB is a couple of pounds (£33.80 and £35.29 respectively)
    If you are planning to replace the hard drive yourself - then practice now by removing the old drive and posting the make and model on here. That way we can be certain of no problems. THe dell site itself for the Dimension 2200 series says that it uses a HItachi 180GXP. This series of drives goes in size from 30 to 180 GB in 30GB steps, was your old disk like this? No information is given for the drives used in the 2200s.

    Can I ask is the drive totally dead in your computer? or can you get the computer to boot up?


    Original Poster

    i can get the computer to boot up but it is really slow, wont connect to the internet, wont let me reinstall XP and wont let me format the hard drive. took litteraly 12 hours to do a system restore and then told me it didnt work. so i thought it would be cheaper to get a new hard drive rather than take it to a shop to get it fixed. i will take the hard drive out this weekend and see what type it is.

    thanks for all you help.
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