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    Can you help I need to change the Drive on My Acer Aspire Laptop. it is currently 40g and I need to replace it with anything from 80g upwards.

    Any help on the best prices greatly needed



    i have upgraded my acer 1520 aspires drive how can i help?

    try this one for size and price…611

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    Thanks the model i am replacing is the HITACHI Travelstar
    Model:HTS424040M9AT00 will this be compatible?

    As I understand it is it just a case of removing the old drive, inserting the new 1 and then performing a complete reinstall of windows and all applications ect, or is thier a way of copying all applications from 1 drive to another first.

    yes its compatable remember to swap the caddie over and after you remove the battery just pull the plastic tab to remove the drive out

    Have a look at this website:…520

    It tells you what make HD is compatible for your particular laptop. At the beginning of this week (before I found this website) I bought an 80GB HD for my Dell Inspiron. I tried to fit it about 3 hours ago and sadly it doesn't fit (that'll teach me!). Anyway. according to the drive I bought would fit your machine. It's a Western Digital Scorpio WD800BEVE / 80GB / 2.5" Internal ATA-100 Hard drive. Which I bought for £36.99

    I know it's only 80GB but if you would like to buy it it's yours for £30 delivered :-D
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