New International Calling rates India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka woth O2

Found 14th Mar 2009
Had a few people in my town centre from o2 spreading the good news!!
New International call rates to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka
International calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are now charged at just 7p per minute to landlines, and 30p per minute to mobiles - another reason to choose Your Country from O2.

More on the benefits of being with O2 on Pay & Go

Get your free Your Country SIM
Why O2 Your Country Pay & Go?
100 extra minutes to any country when you top up £15 a month
Call over 100 countries world-wide from the UK
Get 10% of your top-ups back every 3 months**

#10 gets you 50 free minutes
15 pound gets you 100 minutes free
and 30 pounds gets you 200 free minutes

i hope this helps someone - just trying to give something back to a good community who have helped me save {not to mention spend} ALOT…try
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sounds expensive actually. I use skype, alpha and recently lyca and chilli. much cheaper
Those bonuses look good
i use the Orange - Camel sim on my phone which offer good deals and better mobile rates than these 02 costs.
prices to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are for that:

Country Land Mobile Text
India 6p 14p 15p
Bangladesh 12p 20p 15p
Pakistan 9p 25p 15p
Sri Lanka 15p 20p 15p

Does this include call centers!!!! :thumbsup:
If your calling Pakistan, there are 2 options that I know of:

Nomi sim card (Home talking using access numbers): 5p to landline & mobile if using access number starting 020, access number 0800 incurs an extra 1p charge, 6p

Nomi sim card (calling directly from nomi mobile): 4p per minute, 11p per international txt

If you prefer texting international numbers I recommend FishText, 1.2p per text via internet or java enabled mobile handset (plus data charges unless included in your tariff)

2. If your telephone provider is Virgin then add the Talk Anywhere service from £9
£9 = 200mins to international phones or the dreaded 0870/0845 etc
£17 = 400mins and so on..

Hope that helps!
Call from uk to Pakistan vecton mobile 2p per minute direct from your mobile access number after top Pop £10.access number *1028# send from your vecton mobile and then you will get 500 minutes
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