New Iphone 4 Battery Calibration

Folks what's the best way to calibrate a brand new iphone 4 battery?

I have told my uncle to firstly fully charge straight out of box
let it drain fully
charge fully
let it drain fully
charge fully

then after 3 cycles just charge as normal and only calibrate once a month
is this correct?


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Cool thanks

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Thanks Badass

its a big lie that lithium batteries have no memory effect

just charge fully once and drain to about 5%(normal use) then fully charge

afterwards if you can never ever fully charge and never go to 0% your battery will last very well.
In practice this means soon as shown as full disconnect.
this is the same advice for laptops.
If you find out the battery life charge cycle you may be shocked to find it will only last around 200 FULL cycles, batteries will still work but you will find the performance drop significantly
full cycle means charge fully discharge fully
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