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    My wife has dropped her iPhone 5s down the toilet (muhaha) and after doing the rice trick it still won't turn on. She is on a 1 month rolling contract with Tesco mobile and the phone was sim free.

    Apart from game etc for second hand, does anyone know of any good deals she can put her existing SIM card into for a 5s or better?



    O2 on the refresh deal have the SE like new for £168 have a search on the process of getting it at that price.

    try o2 , they have" like new " phones with 12 month warranty's

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    Cheers. Will the Tesco sim deffo work?


    Cheers. Will the Tesco sim deffo work?

    Follow the process on some of the threads on here and o2 will unlock it as well or you can get a payg one for a tenner more, add £15 to have it unlocked, it would work with the Tesco sim but better to unlock.

    You can get a new Iphone 5s on 02 refresh and it will cost you £153.99 for a 16gb one. As already said above, it will work with a Tesco sim as Tesco use the 02 network but you can get it unlocked by them for free too. I bought one last year paid £9.99 deposit then phoned them up and told them I wanted to buy the phone in full and cancel the airtime contract. It was done with no problem and they also unlocked it for me as I asked them too. You have to put the sim they send you(you have to choose one of their airtime plans when ordering the phone - just choose the cheapest one as you are cancelling anyway) in the iPhone first and make a call or send a text before call then and cancelling. You can then use the Tesco sim in it.
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    iPhone 5s music magpie unlocked about £110

    just go for the O2 iPhone se like new deal.

    huge upgrade over a 5s and worth the extra £20 over a 5s

    Just to make sure you don't go down the 5s route have a look at this thread, you want the SE…682

    Don't try to turn it on. Putting it somewhere very warm to dry out. Air cupboard etc. I dropped a phone in the loo it slipped of the top. The important thing is not to turn a wet phone on or plug it in. Mine turned on and worked when completely dry. DONT TURN A WET PHONE ON.

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    Thanks for all the advice. Deffo sounds like the o2 pay as you go is the best way forward. Still hoping the rice works but I doubt it. Screen went black as soon as it feel in and battery really hot for 90 mins after as it wouldn't switch off

    From past experience rice wont fix the issue, My son accidentally left his iphone 6s outside and it became 'water damaged'. Had it in rice for over a week and didn't really do much. The battery and sim card then swelled and basically gave up.
    Were are you based as my wife is selling her fully unlocked gold/white iphone 5s 32gb. (If I'm not allowed to post this information i apologise and I will remove it).
    Send us a PM if interested
    Good luck in your search
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