New iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1 with Unlocked iPhone?

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows if this is ok? I have a 2G Iphone, unlocked/jalibroken and got a popup to install this from Apple. Is it ok to install this, I don't mind unlocking the phone again in the worst case but I'd rather not



    i have updated my 2g iphone to 3.1 the unlocked it with redsnow 0.8 with o problems the software gives you instructions as you go along. Dont panic if you dont follow themthem first time you can try again. you will aslo need to DL the latest firmware for iphone

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    Thanks for the reply redheap. I've done all that, I really wanted to know if I can install this new configuration utility Apple have released without causing my iphone to lock again.
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