New Ipod Shuffle owners - a question for you!

    Can anyone who owns a new Ipod Shuffle tell me (and I'm sorry if the answer is in the name) if the device shuffles songs for you randomly or does it still allow you to play what you want?

    Also, is it annoying not having a screen?



    Yea, this confused me too, but I got a nano a while ago, so wont be purchasing one, meaning I didnt look into it properly. Will be interested in any replies though for future reference

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one then!

    I only want one because you can get them in orange! I'm sad like that!

    LOL! I am not bothered about the colour, the nano I got was black, but then it wasnt working properly so it got swapped, and new one is silver

    I keep it in a case anyway, so all I see is pink

    i own a nano aswell, but i know in itunes you can set the list of what songs you want to play in what order (hope that makes sense) so basically, you can choose the playlist

    Could you imagine a 80GB shuffle??

    yes you can chose the playlist, but once on the shuffle, if you chose to 'shuffle' you cannot choose which tune you get when,
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