new ipod touch, about 40 pounds cheaper in the US

Found 12th Sep 2008
why do we have to pay an extra £40 for each ipod touch then americans . is there any way to buy an ipod touch at the american price in Britian?


umm, because it has to come over in a boat, and the cost of fuel these days.

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it weighs like 115 grams
i think 40 quid is abit harsh to get 115grams across the sea
i could understand like an extra fiver

it's the 99cents / 79p a song thing, costs them fuel to ship the song over to your ears

The US price will have sales tax added on top, with the UK price it's included.

they travel first class

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is there any big advantages of the new touch anyway?

yeh i noticed this too, its ridiculous

maybe because our minimum wage is higher then then, as well as a range of other factors.

buy a book on economics.

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think it might be better to get an old touch
there gonna be cheaper
no difference between the two other then abit of design
and i think they look nicer

The market price reflects the population and demand basics, among other factors too.

I never buy jeans/trainers over here, get them in the USA......pretend it's just a trip to see family.

As to getting the pays to have a mate who works in John Lewis, fab discount ;-)


think it might be better to get an old touchthere gonna be cheaperno … think it might be better to get an old touchthere gonna be cheaperno difference between the two other then abit of designand i think they look nicer:)

I don't know, previous gen apple products are always expensive for what you are getting have a look at the new features here:…gb/

IPod Touch V2

8 Gb #144
16GB #186
32 GB #246…003

If you are flying, or know someone who is, then it's an option

how much does a old one cost in the us? i know someone who can bring me one.

how can i find out how much it would cost if someone came from the us and bought a tax free ipod?

Go to [url][/url]

Prices are usually $230, $300 and $400 + sales tax (typically 7%) wherever you go however.

So for a 32 GB model, it works out as $400 + $28 local US sales tax, so $428 is what you pay.

At current exchange rate (say $1.78) that equates to 240 quid.

Note that the same model in Dixons tax free is 246 quid, plus you get a UK guarantee.
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