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    Hi chaps, I'm with UWClub for telephone and Broadband, quite happy and may stay with them but am moving so might change, have been looking at alternatives and hoped someone would have some comments. I think (NB think) I've narrowed it down to 2 "BE Unlimited", which gets some good reports, and BT ... the slight confusion with BT ('cause the person on their helpline didn't know what they were talking about) is the included "wifi minutes per month", it appears that with their basic service if you pay for a dongle you can get a fair amount of mobile access, I wouldn't need it a lot but sounds like quite a big advantage over the others I've looked at .... any advice very welcome. Regards and have good weekends Roger


    " BT ('cause the person on their helpline didn't know what they were talking about) "

    That in itself would stop me from using BT, amongst other things.

    If you can get BE, they are far better than BT.

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    Very good point, one of the reasons I like uwclub, their support is excellent.

    You need to check your exchange to see whats available to you…php

    Using deanos link, see if you can get ]O2 Broadband. I've been with them for over a year & can highly recommend them. They own BE by the way.

    In addition, you can get ]£50 Quidco cashback plus 2 months free (if ordered in July 09).
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