New keyboard decision - Logitech G11 v Logitech Wave v MS Reclusa v Razer Arctosa v Saitek Eclipse

    Hia all.

    Just wondered if anyone had an opinion or experience with any of the following. My wireless MS keyboard has developed a fault so I need to grab a new keyboard fairly soon.

    Gonna go for a semi-decent one again - say £30-£40 and have narrowed it down to the following:

    Logitech G11 (~£43 @ Scan/Dell)
    Logitech Wave (£[email protected])
    MS Reclusa (£[email protected])
    Saitek Eclipse (~£30 too)
    Razer Arctosa (~£[email protected])

    Cheers in advance for any comments


    Original Poster

    I'm tending towards either of the Logitech ones as they're both well reviewed. The Reclusa seems a little less featured than the others, as does the Saitek (although it does have a good backlighting function).

    I generally do approx 50% gaming/50%web browsing...

    You cant really go wrong with Logitech TBH.
    Saitek aren't bad either

    I returned a Saitek keyboard about 7 or 8 months ago, the space bar stopped working. I was told its a small problem that they have occasionally. I then went back to Logitech. So long as you stay away from the entry level Logitech they are great. Currently using a Wave and love it.

    Im looking at an MX desktop set myself

    Personally I've never really see the point of these sorts of keyboards, they seem to offer little over the basic reliable keyboards (Cherry Cymotion Expert etc.) and don't offer the wrecking ball build quality or excellent typing experience of the more expensive keyboards.

    I suppose they combine reasonable build quality with outlandish looks so they're a good choice if you really like the look of any of them.

    Always the logitech wave! It wins hands down.

    Original Poster

    Cheers all for the feedback...gone for the Wave in the end (in case you were wondering!

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