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    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a new kitchen and quite fancy one from Wicks. The guy in the store informed me there will be a 50% off sale starting on December 21st with a further 15% off certain elements. pretty good deal but was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to get it a bit cheaper...

    thanks in advance.


    They have this sale on at least 4x per year. I'd advise booking a design appointment and taking along your kitchen measurements. Get the design done and then ask about further discounts to make it more appealing. They may discount appliances or just increase the discount on the kitchen or the fitting. We got a design done with them, but decided to go with a different bespoke company, which had better carcasses. Wickes will price match too, so worth getting another quote from B&Q and batering with them both...

    We got a design from wickes (which was rushed and badly done) but at the end of the appointment as we didnt want to purchase there and then they offered an extra 5% off to do the deal.

    Be careful with wickes kitchens as they very over priced to fool u with a sale offers. I went there recently for a kitchen 50% off plus 15% on top totaling 65% off. Came in at 20k with the discount it went down to 8.5k. went to B&Q came in at 6.5k. howdens £5.5k so shop around u will be surprised.
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    I work for the company that makes the kitchens for wickes. It costs 6p to make one panel. A standard unit has 6 panels so a full unit costs 36p.. personally I highly rate IKEA kitchens they are well designed and made.Ive been in the kitchen manufacturing industry for 14 years and If I were in the market for a kitchen that's where I would spend my money.

    I put a flat-pack Wickes kitchen into the 2-bed maisonette I was doing up to live in a couple of years ago and whilst the base units were a bit of a pain to put together, it actually looked pretty good. It's all in the fitting really and none of the major stores actually have their own fitters. They're all independent tradesmen and some will be better than others.

    Wickes, like Homebase and B&Q, do play that stupid game all the other major retailers do (be it Currys with electronics or DFS etc with furniture) where you have an inflated RRP which is periodically reduced to make it seem like a better deal than it is.

    Best thing to do is roughly measure up the room yourself, take the details to Wickes, get them to design, then take that to Homebase, they'll undercut it, B&Q will do the same, and then go back to Wickes. Whatever you do, don't go near Wren kitchens though. My mate has had nothing but problems with their stuff and their "service" for two of their kitchens he's fitted.

    The last two places I've done up I've used kitchens from Howdens because their rigid, pre-constructed carcasses are really good. However, they can work out a bit pricy (especially if the person you source to fit them adds a bit on top for them) but if you're cannier, deal with them direct, don't take their first offer, they're not too bad and their stuff is at least well made. I'd steer WELL clear of them when it comes to worktops and look into sourcing your own and buying them from Blackheath Products if possible as they're as cheap as anyone.

    You're never going to get the best deal on anything going to a major high-street retailer, but you do run less of a risk of getting the wool pulled over your eyes in one respect.
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