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Posted 1st Mar
Hello 👋 can anyone recommend the best place to go for a new kitchen I am moving in to a new house next week and there is a really old kitchen everything falling apart and it needs removing and replacing homebase seems good to me but I have no idea when it comes to new kitchens and will they also rip old tiles off the wall and that sort of thing.

Also may need a new bathroom if anyone knows of a good deal if it's cheaper to get kitchen and bathroom done at same time.

We have got about 8 grand saved up for new kitchen and I'm sure they cost more

Thank you everyone for taking the time and any reply is appreciated
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I suppose it depends on how handy you are but 8k seems like a healthy budget.. howdens seems like best i could recommend if you can get a decent kitchen fitter. Personally a bought a kitchen off ebay that was a cancelled order and got almost 20 units for £1200. Best thing is look at lots locally and compare prices.. get a free kitchen plan drawn up at homebase or one of the other diy chains
I’ve been looking at for our next kitchen, especially keen on the Luca Matt White handleless style, although they have quite a range of shaker styles etc. If you look on their Facebook page they show a lot of completed customer kitchens and they look really good! A friend of my husband really recommends them so we’re in the process of choosing which styles to order as samples. I also like Howdens... but as it’s trade only the prices aren’t provided so unless you can get hold of their price list you won’t know how much extra your builder/fitter is adding on as an extra for themselves!
My mum had one fitted by home base about eight years ago. The wall cupboards fell off the wall.
I would second vcd1man and go to howdens they mite also recommend a fitter for you
My Daughter has just had a new kitchen bought from Wickes. They arranged for the fitting including taking off and replacing with new tiles. Took 5 days from start to finish. She paid £7,500 in total,
Much cheaper if you can do some of the work yourself. Putting the units together and securing them isn’t very difficult. We had an oak worktop and ordered it cut to length. We did ours (complete novices) bar needing help from an electrician fitting the cooker and lights. Then from a plumber moving some pipe work as we installed a new sink, dishwasher and washing machine. It was just a b&q kitchen we bought when they had a deal on. YouTube was our friend
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Not Wickes......a relative of mine had nightmares with them....if you’re capeable of doing most of the work yourself try IKEA.
Maybe try a local tradesman or builder... someone who you know has used would work out abit cheaper. They’ll help source the units tiles appliances or whatever you need. I got a lot of my stuff at trade price through builder.
We are actually in the process of having a new kitchen fitted by Wickes, due to be fitted (the fitting of the kitchen is paid separately to the price of the kitchen) at the end of March. We had a design rep from Wickes come out, measure & give a few ideas, then the fitter came out to double check measurements & see where electrics, plumbing ect would go.

We've made about 5 visits in the course of a month to tweak the design. You can change things up to 10 days before delivery.

Just had the ceiling skimmed as it was artex & new downlights due to be fitted, just this moment finished giving it a coat of emulsion. I took all the the tiles off & dismantled some of the old cupboards.
Wickes dismantle & dispose of the old kitchen including the cooker, but not the washing machine or fridge /freezer.

Now I have seen good & bad reports about Wickes, but then again the same for Wren, homebase, Ikea, B&Q ect so I'd say go with what you feel happy with.
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Personal experience I would avoid all of the big named companies and find a decent local independent. As important as where you source the kitchen from is the fitter and how good they are, will make or break the finish you get. Weve just had ours fitted by a local company and fitter for the same money we couldve bought in wickes/wren/magnet etc and the quality and finish is far far better
Just bought a kitchen from wren , happy with quality and it came pre built by ma gives so it’s all exact . Cost me £7300 just for kicthen , removed old kicthen myself back to plaster

Plastering was £300
Removed a wall £2000 with steel
£450 on electric work
I totally agree with fundy, it's all about the quality of the fitter. The big names will rip you off because you think they have premium quality, but their fitters could be totally inexperienced and less likely to 'care' about the finish. Find a personally recommended fitter (speak to previous customers), then source the kitchen- IKEA are v good but they have their fittings from the back I believe, but a good fitter can work around it. Get a separate floor fitter and get waterproof lvt flooring. Good luck...if you're careful you could do both within that budget.
Go on DIY kitchens and it has a page for comparing different companies products against each other. This includes if they are prebuilt and thickness quality etc. Just gives you an idea for longevity

My process

I went to wickes and magnet, got two similar plans for my space and prices as a starting point. Then went to howdens using my builders account to get them to price up using the plans. They replicated and improved the design to what I wanted. I took their design and sent it to diy kitchens (by email) and they matched it for a much cheaper price. Howdens then price matched that with some more off.

Remove all appliances and source them yourself. Us and other online brands. You’ll get better appliances for the same or cheaper money.

Source the worktops yourself. Especially if you are getting natural stone. I used someone local and paid £3k instead of £5.5k quoted by wickes and magnet.

Get someone recommended to fit it, or fit it yourself.

My first quotes were wickes £24k. Magnet £22k. Plus fitting.

My final costs including all appliances 2 ovens, microwave oven and wine cooler (Samsung). Big £2k American Fridge freezer (LG) aeg 5 job induction hop and granite worktops was £14k fitted this price also included higher and deeper wall units not in the original prices.

It’s a minefield and full of sales technics to get you to pay big money from the off. I bet you wickes or Homebase etc will say to you. “This price is only valid until Monday (or similar)” to pressure you to get it done. Reality is they will have another “sale” on Tuesday for a very similar price.

Don’t be afraid to haggle. They can only say no, and probably won’t.
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