New kitchen worktop!

Found 25th Jan 2007
Hiya guys been reading this site for quite a while now an only jus managed to work out how to become a user so as you can tell im a computer genius :oops:

I'l jus give you a bit of background me and my friend were renting a house off my dad and decided to have a halloween party and thought that to set the mood we would have candles everywhere....well that turned out not to be such a good idea as sumone put a plastic tray of sandwiches next to the candle and the next thing we all knew we kind of had a mini fire on our hands, luckily some people were less drunk and put it out but we burnt alllll through my dads work top so now we have to buy him a new one, he has this one:


(hmm hope that link works if it doesn't i apologise and its on the mfi website laminate kitchen worktop its name is quartzite) but they only sell it in 3m and we only need about 1m and its £98.50!! just for one lil accident. So i was hoping that maybe you guys could help me out and try and find the same 1 cheaper if thats possible:)

Well any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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There is a company called Howdens Joinery - they seem to have exactly the same designs as MFI. The only thing is I think they might be a trade place so you might have to have a chat to themn on the phone.
Not sure if theres one near you though, do a yell.com search - or click here

Hope you find this useful

Aw thanks alot for this, i found one in plasmarl which is quite close to me so im going to give them a call tomorrow to see if they got the same colour and how much it is.
thanks again:thumbsup:
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