New Kitchens

    I am shortly going to begin looking for and pricing up a new kitchen.
    Does anyone have any recommendations/avoids.
    Any tips as regards keeping the costs down and the quality/standard up.

    Thank you


    first thing is get free estimate/planning then you will know options and best places to put white goods plus the sizes of cupboards you need and the amount of worktop you need - from magnet - mfi etc -

    ikea are doing special at the minute - get £200 free appliances on £1500 spend - depends what you are spending

    another good place is b and q warehouse centres - thy have moe choice - depends on what your spending as to were you buy

    good luck!!

    do not purchase a kitchen from homebase! i fit kitchens for a living and homebase kitchens are awfull, they are non standard sizes and are not well put together, best bet is to go for a kitchens from howdens, you can haggle on the price and units will come alreadly built saving on labour costs, and also if you change your mind on somthing they will always take it back and give refunds if still packaged up.


    We got a kitchen from B&Q a few months ago - they designed it and everything. but we had a nightmare when they didnt supply all the right bits (like connectors for the work surface) that we just presumed would be there as they had designed the whole thing. Also, the designer hadn't made allowances for the access space at the back of the units, so when we came to fitting it, one of the cupboards didnt fit - as we had assembled it, we had to buy a new one and just pay more. (which meant more doors as well).

    Now its done, it's a lovely kitchen, just beware!


    We had a kitchen fitted about 6 months ago by Kitchens Direct, apparently they own Moben and do all the supply and fit at about 75% of the cost. I can confirm this as we had a moben quote first and kitchens direct have exactly the same range including appliances.

    The fitters were excellent, finished everything in three days cleaning up every night.

    Costs include all electrics, plumbing etc etc.

    When i compared against B&Q Kitchens Direct were aout £1000 dearer but well worth it for the installation

    Ikea are doing 21% off everything on 19th April…s-/ :thumbsup:

    hi,at the mo we are fitting a cream mfi space kitchen.its luuuurrrvly!!! they are half price and an additional 20% off.get the appliances from somewhere else though.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your comments.

    I am not sure how much I am going to spend yet - I will spend what I have to to get it right - without going totally over the top. If you see what I mean.

    I will definitely be getting planners in - probably try Magnet, a local store and Howdens has been recommended so will be giving them a try as well.

    B&Q look nice but I have heard too many horror stories!!

    Keep the suggestions coming please.
    Plus any ideas you may have ...

    Thanks again.

    if you get magnet and howdens to give you prices for a kitchen, play the quotes off against each other, usaully does the trick when im getting prices for kitchens as they always try to beat each others quotes. you right about b&q, they will be quick enough to take your money and give you a delivery date, but i gaurantee you that the del date will change via a phone call and what usaully happens with them is that they will part deliver your kitchen from what they have in stock and you will then be left to wait anything up to one month for the rest of the kitchen to turn up. its not the case all the time but believe me 70% of the time thats what b&q do.

    what will bump the price of your kitchen up will be the silly little things like them trying to get you to pay for "premium" drawer packs instead of standard ones ( putting them on your bill without you knowing that they have!) . purchasing soft closing door systems when all they are, are a piece of metal that fits on the hinge.
    and also try to purchase your door handles in bulk rather than from magnets or howdens as you can save a lot of cash doing that.

    and go for 38mm worktop not the thinner one as its so much better to look at, i would also avoid high gloss finish worktops as when the sunlight is on them it will show up all the marks and scratches on them :-D

    Original Poster

    Thank you - I have an appointment for a Howden's planner on Wednesday, so that's a start.
    i agree about the work tops. I will go for the thicker ones. I am not so sure about the high gloss because I wonder how quickly the gloss goes ?
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