New Knight Rider show starring KITT is about to start on wednesday 24th this week on NBC,

    I am sure it will be available to watch on the usual places over here…42/

    or just goto and click on shows then knight rider !!!


    the pilot for this was pretty good, so thanks for the info.

    Cheers for the heads up! Rep added

    na, nowt like the originals ;-)

    this is the 2nd or 3rd series?

    I made a BTTF 4 trailer from the knight rider trailer

    I found the pilot was really bad? So I've heard.

    so is the 2nd or 3rd series being shown over here?
    im sure i watched it in the states in feb

    Well he's a lot hotter than the Hoff, so will watch but hopefully it's not as bad as the Bionic Woman remake (what were they thinking ???)
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