New Laptop

    I've been looking for a really good laptop for around £500

    The best one i've seen so far is this one…20F

    Does anyone know one that is better than this?

    Thanks in advance



    this 1 has better processor and graphics card but smaller hard drive for same price

    For around £500 you can get a lap top with Blu Ray player, - what size screen do you want, what do you actually want to do on the lap top games, net?

    Original Poster

    I'm not bothered about blu-ray
    Would like a 17 inch screen
    Only games i'll probably play on it will be football manager
    Wanting it for net and to be quick!


    i think this is quite a good laptop, its a sony vaio too!
    its £50 cheaper and got 2 years guarantee
    i dont really know about the processor
    but i know the graphics card is not all that
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