New Laptop

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a new laptop after i have drowned my current one twice.
    intel 2 core, not bothered about ram. need half decent graphic card for watching anime, and series.
    powerful enough for iTunes and Excel.

    *DESPERATE* but not urgent



    Did it not have it's arm bands or know it wasn't waterproof?
    You must be more assertive when your laptop wants to go swimming you know

    /Silly Mood Off.

    PS: Specifying a budget would help

    Original Poster

    Knocked over 1 pint of water over it! *blame it on GF putting water on the computer table* water are not allow, only beers =)

    my last one cost me just under 1k, so i was hoping to spend about 500 this time round?!

    None of the HP offerings in the Hot Deals forum take your fancy, all £450-£600ish.

    If you wait until Thursday Dell meister MikeT will put up some offerings bound to include laptops on Thursday morning/afternoon.

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    Never deal with HP, not sure if they any good, is someone can advice?

    I convinced a friend of a friend to get this deal:…013

    Mostly so I can cream quidco and sell them a spare 512mb ramstick from my own laptop upgrade and install it for em.

    There are lots of Sony's about at £500 now, thing is while they might look nice, they are £500 for a reason with that Sony badge, the plastic is inferior to the likes of Dell etc and rather flimsey, I was impressed with the Dell Vostro I used

    I believe edi had a IBM Lenovo for £460ish in Hot Deals.
    Ideal so long as you do not require dedicated graphics (games/Vista Aero special effects)

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    WOW laptop today can take a beating, i managed to revive it!

    turn it off
    take off the casings where you can, and point a fan at it.

    if a small amount of moisture gets into the wrong place you're screwed.

    give it a couple of days of the fan.

    then google something called prime95
    download/install/run this on torture test mode, it'll push the ram and cpu to the limit and more importantly highlight errors in computations.

    i;d be tempted to run sisandra to identify everything ensure its "all there"
    and hdd benchmarks checkingyour hdd is ok

    Do not assuming turning it on = laptop is ok

    There is a reason it died initially cos of the water...

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    Thanks Schizoboy,

    Dnt really use the laptop much only to watch series and anime. I better not stress it with the test, might blow my budget for a quad core pc. just waiting for the prices to drop a lil more.

    I will test the HDD tho.

    Many thanks

    Prime95 has non torture stress tests too

    It's commonly used to test stability on overclocked CPU's I think.
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