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Posted 20th Jan 2023 (Posted 2 h, 30 m ago)
Hi All,
I have bought a new laptop ( refurbished) and I remember a post suggesting to install a clean and fresh copy of windows to remove any bloatware.

How would I do this. and what would be required?

I do NOT want to factory re-set it, as it will have all the Asus bloatware, but to install a fresh copy of windows

Thank you
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    Typically over-rated step, just look what's on there and uninstall what's not required.

    But I've Googled it for you: here is an extensive guide. Same principle W10 or 11. (edited)
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    Windows 10:

    Windows 11:

    You just need a USB Stick of at least 8GB. Just follow the instructions in the tool to make a fresh install of Windows. Then tell your laptop to boot from this USB Stick when it's time to install it.

    Even with a fresh copy of Windows it will still download essential software from Windows Update. This includes potentially Asus branded drivers, and software like Asus Armoury Crate and AuraSync to control things like RGB Controllers if you have a gaming model for example - Even though you may consider this to be bloatware.

    As the other person has said, it may simply be easier to just uninstall what you don't like from your current build of Windows.
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