Found 8th Nov 2009
Hi, my girlfriend is looking for a laptop.

Her budget is £380 ( shes willing to pay up to £450 if its REALY worth it)
3 years ago I have spend £800 on HP pavilion, just when the warranty expaired the laptop started overheating, and the battery life went down to 10 minutes.

We thought that Dell Inspiron 1545 would be a good choice.

There is lots of them on ebay
Thers a link[email protected]c&_dmpt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&_odkw=dell+Inspiron+1545&_osacat=177&_rdc=1

Some come with Vista or W7 and 3fb or 4gb memory , other with better processor or bigger hard drive.

She will use the laptop to do lots of text procesing and some video processing as well, therefore the graphics must be better than average.

Also she would like to have a webcam and the laptop to be RED (we choose dell cos it does covers for £30, if any other laptop comes with choice of colour and is same good we would be interested. Ofcours if thers a laptop with the same spec and will be cheaper than the red one lets say by £100 we would go for it, hovewer she has always dreamed about having a red laptop, so maybe thats the right time for her to get one)

We dont know much about laptops ourselfs, so I ask you guys for an advice.

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