New Laptop Decision Time

    I have been trawling back through the numerous Laptop deals posted over the last couple of days or so and have drawn up a short list as follows:

    1. Acer 5920 G1 from Cdiscount £400 (minus £50 credit to spend on the site).
    2. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PA 3553 from Comet £400.
    3. Samsung R505 from Argos £400.

    I am looking for any good advice as which way to go on the above.
    My view at the moment is as i have listed them i.e. Acer/Fujitsu/Samsung.

    If any one has had any good/bad experiences with the above than i would be very interested in your comments.

    Of course if there are alternatives about for the same kind of money then please bring them to my attention.

    Many Thanks in advance.


    £379, I just bought this one and It's great!!!!…htm

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    Thanks looks good and a Sony as well, another one added to my growing list!!!


    Thanks looks good and a Sony as well, another one added to my growing … Thanks looks good and a Sony as well, another one added to my growing list!!!

    That was the problem i had, there are too many to choose from,,,

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    Which way did you go?
    Or are you still undecided?

    I bought the Sony Viao, it is a good laptop, but the main reason was because it was a 'Sony'.
    I paid £399, but I'm happy with it, very easy to use and didn't have to do anything to set it up apart from turn it on.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks this should be so easy but i am finding it so hard to choose.


    haha good question my friend....

    I have the samsung reserved at argos now im not sure between that and all the other deals. Like the samsung but like the sony. HELP HELP HELP

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    I have also reserved the Samsung but my tech head is saying Acer.

    I am also in similar position about to purchase a laptop but strectched between a few and not sure which one to plunge with!

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    Janbo do you have others on your short list?

    no same list although just seen the Dell advertised down to £399

    I see you are having the same dillema as me but seem to have missed this one.

    Currys are selling the Sony Vaio NS10LS for £399.99 I seriously urge you to check it out first as it has a much higer spec and seems a fantastic deal at the price compared to the other sony vaio mentioned.

    I'm stuck between the NS10LS @ £399.99 3gb ram and 250gb hard drive and the fujitsu siemens amilo 3553 @ £371.90 with 3gb ram and 320gb hard drive.

    They both look pretty cool and are capable of everything I require but I have read the fujitsu gets quite hot.

    Let me know what you choose:thinking:


    The Sony Vaio does look a good spec of Laptop for £399 now even more choice!
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