New laptop for games

Posted 26th Dec 2020
Hey, I'm looking to buy a new laptop. I'd like something £1,500 or below but I'm more comfortable around £1,250ish. Things that are important are:

- Temperatures, I'd prefer something that isn't blazing hot. Happy to use Throttlestop for undervolting if the CPU allows me to (read that 10th gen have this prevented)
- I'd prefer something that's fairly quiet. Wife makes far too much fuss about the sound of the fan running!
- Something that's able to last for a few years. Which makes me think I need to aim for the RTX 20xx series maybe?

In terms of games I play, I've just got into Greedfall, I'd like to play FIFA 21, CyberPunk and Football Manager 21

I've been really torn between a couple of models, namely Helios 300 and Legion 7i. With the Legion, the reports of the hinge breaking has put me off somewhat. The Helios looks good but I've heard temps aren't great and it's noisy. Not sure what others make of this?
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