New Laptop needed help with please


    I have a HP laptop which is a year old. Unfortunatly my nephew steped on it and broke the screen.

    So im looking for a new laptop any suggestions?


    We need a little more to go on:

    Ideally, we need an idea of what you need to use it for, and a ballpark figure to act as a budget.

    As a guide, knowing:

    whether you want to use it for work, watching DVDs etc, or playing games (several is fine)
    how portable you would like it to be (if its on your desk permanently, a 17" one might be nice, or if you travel a lot maybe getting a 14" model instead of a 15" will make life easier
    Any particular must-haves or must-not-haves (colour, a particular component, glossy screen?)

    If you can get some, most or all of that information, we'll be able to find something that will suit you down to the ground

    Original Poster

    oops sorry about that

    its for a light user, ideally looking for an 14" mainly for typing nothing fancy . listen to music aswel. just looking for black or silver colour doesnt really bother me. Not looking for an expensive one although i would like to take out insurance aswell looking to spend £300 - £400 plus insurance.

    Any ideas. help would be much appreciated


    there aren't hundreds of 14" laptops around, but I've picked through a few of them for you

    The biggest "bargain" I can find is on a dell Vostro 1400 - which with the free shipping offer (that looks like its about to expire ) you can search for NB(N0314004) on the dell site to see it, and get the price up to £299 ex vat to get the free shipping ( its usually £60 so your better spending £50 to get the price up, plus you get extra components) - Take the warranty down to the minimum 1 year, add a processor upgrade (£35) and either a glossy screen (£15), a shiny coat and a webcam (£20) or a bigger hard disk (£18) to get into the free shipping zone

    If all that sounds like too much work, the long dell wait time on the 1400 puts you off, or the deal seems less sweet when the free shipping offer expires, then theres this acer at ebuyer:…265

    --which unfortunately leaves you with a celeron instead of a core2duo, which is why the dell deal is better, despite this being a fraction cheaper

    If you're looking for something a bit more specced up with some goodies, then this samsung is nice…145

    After looking carefully at all three, I stick with what I said up top, the dell seems like a better deal, especially with being able to get a slightly faster cpu + bigger hard drive to get the free delivery and still not much more than the price of the cheap acer.

    How about fixing it? You can usually find replacement screens on Ebay or the like.

    Which HP model was it?
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