NEW LAPTOP required

    HOTUKDEALS seems to be a good place to get some advice.

    Our home computer has finally died - yippee. Now we would like to sort ourselves out with a laptop. I have been recommended to go for a DELL. I am clueless when it comes to these things but don't want to get ripped off because of it.

    Recommendations would be appreciated. How does a budget of £300 sound - is this enough???


    It depends what you want to do with it. £300 is a bit low for a laptop really, it will buy you a very basic model, try and avoid anything with a celeron in it. around £350 will get you a machine suitable for almost everything other than gaming or more than basic photoshopping. The same money will buy you a desktop machine almost twice as powerful. Try to make sure that what you buy comes with the free windows 7 upgrade, especially if you're buying at the budjet end, because those things are slow running vista.

    You are unlikely to get ripped of with a Dell as their prices are usually pretty keen.

    Search HotUKDeals for "Dell" to see if there are any offers that have just been posted, or come back each day to see if there are any new offers.

    To be honest, you are unlikely to get ripped off with any laptop, as you tend to get what you pay for (generally). Low price tends to mean average specs, mid price is better specs, and top price is good specs (this is a very general rule of course, as their are bargains around, and also overpriced models).

    As Windows 7 is due out on October 22nd there will probably be quite a few laptops deals in the next 6 weeks while companies try to clear their shelves of Vista models.

    But be quick because these laptop bargains may fly off the shelves.

    >How does a budget of £300 sound - is this enough???

    As has been said, £300 is about the low end.

    Untill a few months ago it was very rare to find ANY models at £300, let alone under it.

    But gradually prices have dropped and now you do see laptops at £290, £280 and so on.

    But these are usually very low specs (often from no-name companies).

    Try to go for a "name" brand (Dell, Toshiba etc), and consider maybe spending a little more to get one just above basic specs.

    As I said, best thing is to watch HotUKDeals as often as you can, and if you see people saying a laptop is a bargain or a good deal go for it or they will sell out.

    This is a decent laptop for the money…gb/

    Only negative is Vista Home Basic (as opposed to Vista Home Premium).

    But if you dont plan to upgrade to Windows 7 then for £339 this is a decent buy.

    Take a look at dell outlet ]http//ww…let I ordered a machine only yesterday for my daughter, it may not be state of the art, but I'm sure it's good enough for what she wants to do (basic games, internet, school work etc.)

    spec is:
    15.6in widescreen
    3GB ram
    Celeron T3000 processor
    160GB Hard disk
    DVD writer
    1.3mp webcam
    Vista Premum
    High Gloss Jade cover

    The cost was £240 +VAT (they are doing free delivery till the end of the today I think)

    I know you've been advised to leave Celeron alone, but I'd say be weary but consider them. Some of the new models are just as good as yesterday's Core2Duo's. For example the T3000 series has dual core and 1GB cache. It's almost the exact same spec. as the T4200 I upgrade my other daughter's laptop to (at a cost of £70 extra) last month from DELL.

    Compare processor specs here:
    ]Intel Processor Comparison

    Hope this helps

    I want a laptop too, I have £400 - any advice? Dont want a celeron though. rep for help

    It's a shame you missed this one…du/
    A miss price by dell saving you a £100.
    Like Guilbert said with windows 7 & intels new ichips coming at the same time.…htm There is going to be some bargains flying about in the next month & the run up to xmas.
    But if you're like me you won't be able to wait that long.Could you not borrow one for the mean time.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your feeback. Think I will leave it for a Xmas present to ourselves and increase the budget up to £500.00. Hopefully, we will find something closer to the time.
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