New laptop (vista) - music skipping

    Anyone know how to stop my music skipping on my laptop, it seems to be when I click on a new internet explorer page or something that the sound skips. It doesnt like me multi tasking?


    Is it really skipping or is it the clicking sound from IE :whistling: (teeheeee)

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    Is it really skipping or is it the clicking sound from IE :whistling: … Is it really skipping or is it the clicking sound from IE :whistling: (teeheeee)

    yes music skipping for 5 seconds or so (no sound for a few secs)

    Try playing stuff through a different media player (VLC, etc) to see if you have the same sort of problem - or whether its just a particular problem with the media player you're currently using.

    What software are you running for you music? I had problem recently with the new Zune software on my laptop.

    If you press ctrl, alt delete and go into start task manager. find processes and the find your media player process and change its priority to high. ie. 'zune.exe' right click and set priority to above normal or high. if you close your media player it will resort back to default priority. If you found this helped let me now and ill tell you how to make your media player run in a higher priority mode automatically.


    Is your music on CD or HD?
    Whats the laptop spec?


    make sure you aint got a load of crap running in the back ground and make sure you have all the windows updates.....i had similar prolem with video streaming and coz id rolled back at some point i was missing service pack 2....downloaded again and it was sorted

    Its probably win media player not hogging enough resources.

    disable the visualisation and if that doesnt work, then try another media player.

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    thanks everyone. Its window media, mp3s i put on my new dell laptop
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