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Found 2nd Feb 2008
Hi im after getting myself a new laptop/desktop pc but im after some input on what good deals i should look at.
Im looking for something with alot of memory with atleast 80/120 gig min,17" screen or above, wireless enabled ,good graphics card enough to enable me and the kids to play latest pc games and ps1/ps2 emulators and roms on it etc.
many thanks.
ps im not up on my pc knowledge so if i need other things just let me know.


Most laptops are not suitable for playing games.

The graphics cards in laptops are usually fairly basic and are mainly meant for "office" applications. Hard disks in laptops are also slower than hard disks in PCs. Also the screens are usually smaller.

Finally it is almost imposible to upgrade a laptop (except for more memory and larger hard disk) so you cannot upgrade in the future.

If you want to play the latest games I would go for a PC and not even consider a laptop.

PCs are usually built from standard parts so they are easy to open the case and upgrade.

Dont go for a PC with a "small" case as some graphics cards are quite large and you need a large case to take the graphics card (particularly if you want to upgrade in the futue). Go for a full size tower case, not a "small form factor" case.

While I do not play games myself I have read enough to know that the graphics card is probably the most important component when buying a gaming PC so make sure you do your research. Some people pay over £250 JUST for the graphics card so it is important to get the correct one.

Finally, dont buy a "generic" PC from Dell or PC World and expect it to play the latest games. Do some research and make sure you buy a PC that was built for gaming.


Finally, dont buy a "generic" PC from Dell or PC World and expect it to … Finally, dont buy a "generic" PC from Dell or PC World and expect it to play the latest games. Do some research and make sure you buy a PC that was built for gaming.

I agree with not getting a laptop, but not sure exactly what you mean by not getting a "generic" pc from Dell or PC World. I'm guessing you mean the cheap ones you see in newspapers and such.

I just bought a new XPS Base Unit from Dell - its one of the fastest machines out there!
I suggest going to the forums at pcadvisor.co.uk as they showed me the way to the exact machine I wanted!

Good luck

What happened here, I think my keys are a bit sticky !!!

All depends of the type of games being played too. :?

To get some idea, I would suggest having a look at:

CCL computers can build to spec too, some of their machines in the past have been on the PCpro 'system of the Month'

And dabs.com :thumbsup:

I agree completely with all the other comments about getting a desktop if you want to play games, you'll certainly get a lot more for your money.

Some indication of money would be useful though, and when you say that you want to play the latest games, do you want to play them at full spec, or are you happy for them to just run smoothly and look ok?
If you're on a budget, I'd probably suggest going for a cheapish Dell (maybe a Vostro 200 with a couple of GB of ram) and then buying a reasonable mid-range graphics card for £60-£80, making sure that it'll run ok with the Dell power supply.

I did this for my Step son, got a Core 2 Duo Desktop with 19" widescreen monitor for him to take to Uni for about £330 in October, then got him a Geforce 8600GT for Christmas (£50-£60). He can now play Call of Duty 4 with fairly high detail and is more than happy - not bad for less than £400 all in. It'll struggle with Crysis, but then you're looking at spending 2 or 3 times as much to run that smoothly!
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