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Found 14th Jul 2010
Right then, i'm looking to get a new TV, i'm thinking of 32" - or bigger if the price is reasonable enough.
If there's one thing i've learnt from being on this site, it's that there are soooo many people on here that are nothing short of experts when it comes to theses products. So i was hoping those of you with a clue could lend me some of their "expertise" to give their verdict on one of these three tellies?




Any help would be greatly appreciated (and repped!). If you've had any experience with a particular brand, or have a set or two to suggest i'd love to know. Cheers!
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I bought my samsaung from 1studiovisual just before xmas last year, was really pleased with'em & my tv is really great, it's the 37" one here:


After all the research I did, I'd choose a samsung over a LG anyday.....
No contest..rush out and get the le32c530 its the best of the sets you mentioned and the most versatile. I have the le32b550 which is the samsung model that preceded it. Its razor sharp and has every connection you could wish for. I also use it as my main pc monitor as well as a media centre and it excels at everything. The le32c530 is the updated version. Best of all it only uses about 50 watts of electricity when on so is one of the greenest tv's you can buy.
Cheers for the advice guys
I think the samsung is the best choice, I've had an LCD of theirs for a good couple of years now and had no trouble
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