New leaf?

    well the smoking age goes up today.
    So it is now illegal for under 18'sto smoke.

    How controversial!

    will now try to stop! :giggle:


    does it good!


    I'm guessing this thread is asking for opinions whether or not 16-17 year olds will turn to drugs now the legal smoking age has risen?

    Thats hilarious!, so any 16 or 17 smokers (who used to be legal smokers!) can't legally smoke!! :giggle:

    Must say I think its for the better though.

    Original Poster

    Yeah its for the better, but the backstreet shops will still serve us, i know 6 off the top of my head.

    HOw much is it for a single these days?


    HOw much is it for a single these days?

    Single E? :?

    Couple quid at the very most last i knew.

    Wasnt it that it's illegal for them to buy fags now.
    They can still actually smoke though ?

    Its a load of mince anyway, all of the age limits are a load of mince.

    Leave school, get a job, get married, join the army - all at 16.
    Drive - 17
    Drink,vote and now smoke - 18
    Votings going to end up being 16 though anyway.
    They need a proper "right your an adult" age, and thats that.

    They not allowed to buy them, but can still smoke them.

    Well, they manage to get hold of alcohol under age so this isn't gonna make that much difference.

    I think it is a good idea. Dont know where they get the cash to smoke from anyway! What is is now - around £5 a packet?? Roll up a £5 note and set fire to it - might as well.!
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