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Found 1st Dec 2016
I've bought a new pair of glasses online and now need new lenses in them (reglaze them). I'd rather not send them off as I dont know how trustworthy the process is. Does anyone know where I can get single vision anti-scratch, anti-glare, thin lenses from at a good price? As a comparison, specsavers seem to charge around £59 I believe.

I have also found

which seem to be good but I have no experience of them. Any thoughts welcome.

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They want 69 from me
Ciliary Blue would be my choice. Fast and reliable.
I've used Direct Sight ( in the past, and they were not only very fast they were a great price too! I had a reglaze with Transitions lens, far cheaper than anyone on the high street!!
It's often cheaper for whole new glasses than just a reglaze.

Try goggles4u
Just walk in specsavers and get them to reglaze. I have used the online options but the lens they supplied were poor. The specsavers lens were about £25 ish more than buying online but I think it's worth the extra. Not being forced to buy 2 pairs with 2 lots of coatings much better value. I find buying frames online and getting lens fitted on high Street is the way to go.

u probably get lenses and frames for the kind.of .price with all them add ons from asda I used them last 2 times 2 pairs with things thin lenses and coating for 99 quid. u don't need go to the shop and also check tesco they may have a offer on. check onlone and go instore if u find a decent offer save u a trip if there prices have gone up
thanks all.
Got the frames and theyre designer so want to keep them. I think I might just walk into specsavers and try my luck there.
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