New Macbook Air 11 inch or 13 inch, what do you think?

    Just wondering what you guys think of the new Macbook Air range.

    The last Mac I bought was a PowerBook G4 so it's about time to get a upgrade. iPad seems to be a waste of money and Macbook Pro is out of my budget range, therefore I thought this new Macbook Air would be ideal.


    Nice for a Mac, expensive for a netbook...

    And cue the Apple haters....

    Just come at the right time for me....

    ....going to go and have a look at the Apple Store....going for the 13inch version.....already have an ipad and my MBP is coming upto 3 years old..only really use the laptop now for torrents and odd bit of photo editing,itunes stuff since getting the these should do the trick nicely

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    I had an Air for a very short time, back last year. Think I'd prefer the Air over the iPad if money wasn't an issue. I'd probably keep my eyes open for a refurb deal now on the Apple site, for the 'old style' Air, now that the new one is out - you might get yourself a better deal.

    MBA £25 for a usb to ethernet adapter... lol

    Given your admitted light usage, look at non-Apple alternatives tbh which would almost certainly be hundreds of pounds cheaper.


    Not the biggest fan of the air but the new smaller one seems to fit a market audience.

    Just bought a new iMac last night and went through the educational site for 12% discount and 3 year applecare warranty thrown in.

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    Don't think you can compare the MBA with regular netbooks, for a start the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and GeForce 320M cannot be find in any netbooks I know


    I am surprised they have made it in 11" after the slating Steve Jobs gave net books when releasing the iPad.

    I am going for a 13" version as I think it is better, too expensive for a 11" screen laptop

    And yes I will go through HE route, got 3 years warranty for £949 all in for the £1099 13" one

    Brb... Laughing myself to death.
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