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Found 5th Nov 2008
Hi all,

I am currently looking into purchasing one of the new Macbook. I have just sold my acer 5920g, so I'm going to be looking into getting the mac within the next week or so.

I wanted to make a thread so that the best deals can be discussed here....

So far I have discovered....

For the New Mac
Intel Core 2 Duo
15-inch widescreen
2GB Memory
250GB hard drive1
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT with 256MB

Price £1,286.63
+ 3% Quidco

Has anyone had experience with hagaling in store/ getting some freebies thrown in?
and Is this the cheapest price avaliable for a student?


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Also forgot to mention that, instore they offer the 3-year apple protection for £30.

This is something that I'd definately be going for....but when you go through checkout online, they offer it for £50+, and I that is only for a year.

Are you a student or in education? If so you qualify for discounts. Off a MB you would get around £150 discount on it. And 3 year apple care for £50.. saving you loads! Not sure where you have saw the £30 apple care... maybe for ipods?!! but MB and MBP apple care are usually in the hundreds.

Ring them up if you qualify for education, or higher education discount.

One plus from getting it instore, is that you get it that day. If you custom spec through apple, usually takes about 1-2 weeks. If you go for standard model then it takes usually 2-3 days.

I have tried my luck but they are quite rigid and there's no way that would ever happen with such a new product!

You missed out on the 6% Apple were giving last month which would have doubled your cash back!

There is a £60 Rebate on selected printers also either instore or online. I went for a C4480 which is being sold for £59.99 and have just sent off for my £60 rebate and I'll be selling the printer also as I don't need it!

It might be possible to find another retailer offering better Quidco deals!

i just got my macbook delivered today. I have got a total of 17.5% off the total price. I purchased it through Dixons Tax Free at the airport. Actually my friend who was going on a holiday purchased it for me and I got it delivered for 4.99£ by DHL. Dixons Tax Free arrange for the delivery.

I preferred this as saving is direct ( u dont wait for a rebate) and besides I had another 80£ vouchers of Dixons/Currys/pcworld which they happily accpted.

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While at uni, I checked the education price through the education store on campus, which actually gives a lower price than just the standard education price. It was in the region of £1,180ish (can't remeber exact figure) Then apple care for £58 on top, not bad price.

Any deals been seen recently?
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