New MacBook Pro - Any Shell Cases Recommended?

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Found 23rd Dec 2014
Just bought a new MBPro 13 non-retina and need to add some protection.

Can anyone recommend a shell-type case? I'm looking at "cheap" options from eBay, but would like to know if these are any good before diving in.


I have speck cases on three laptops and think they are great. Their service is also good. I lost a plastic foot on one (my fault) and they sent some spare ones on the post for nothing.

Now maclocks are a different company. I lost one of their tiny screws when I had to take the case base off. I asked for a spare and was prepared to pay for it. It was an m2 or similar. They refused and told me to buy a whole new kit at £60 or so. Needless to say I didn't.

So go Speck


A nice leather case will do a good job.

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Thanks for the answers so far. The problem is it will sit out most of the time, so I figured a shell would give better protection
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