New Matress Advice! HELP!

    ok i want advice i want something really nice and comfy that aint going to sag after a few months im a big guy 6"4 17 1/2 Stone so i pressume im going to have to really shell out here?

    whats the thing with memory foam? some people rave about it some say its no good?

    i want to spend about £200-£250 but will pay more if its worth it im looking for just a double bed size one by the way. i dont need the frame but if its really decent and will last years i dont see a problem in inv esting as bed is where you spend alot of your life!



    If you want a decent mattress £300 is not gonna get you there. Makes like 'sealy' or I think its 'reylon' are good. Stay away from silentnight and slumberland. But look to spend around £500-£600 for a decent mattress that will last for years without sag. You may find a firm or at least a medium to firm feels more comfortable.

    Stay away from memory foam, if you buy a decent enough mattress you'll never feel the need for the likes of memory foam.

    i bought one for £200 including a wooden/metal bed frame, and its still like new after a year, its really thick strong and comfy and it looks like its worth a lot more, i dont know what the make of the matress is but look for wholesale sellers who sell furniture locally to get summat good for a lot less. i even got to try mine on the street before he took it into my gaf lol i was jumpin on it whilst people where driving past then had power nap to recover from all the excitement and then eventually paid him, have a good look around first before buying one, try looking for people who sell them online (nationwide/locally), have a look on ebay and try and find people who are close by or a bit far off and can delivery cheap, look through yellow pages, and gives the locals a quick call, also remember to say youve been quoted this much by so and so, and you may end up with a good bargain. tbh i wouldnt go for big retailers as i tend to find them more expensive. And if someone else you know is in need of one get them together and youll get more of a saving, as thats what i did, and saved about £50-100. hope that helps mate, all the best


    Oh btw, my Sealy mattress cost just short of £700 and has lasted me 11 years so far with no sag. We let our friends stay in our house whilst we were on holiday a couple of days ago and they both remarked that it was the comfiest sleep they had had for years! :w00t:

    marks & spencers have a good sale on mattresses
    also tesco direct

    Matressman.con have a very wide range at good prices. I posted a deal here a while ago as thay had a sale on. I bought mine from there, super king size as my partner is 6"5! Quick and free delivery too.

    We got a superkingsize from Ikea. Their matresses are really well put together. You can even get a 'his and her' side. Go try em out.! 25 yr guarantee (although 15 years use would be fine!) We had ours for 5 years and is still like new - so lumps or bumps anywhere.

    I have an expensive sealy superking thing - some kind of orthopeadic jobbie - cost over £700 but I never got on with it - still like new - anyone wants it its yours for £50, collection from Nottingham. (it has got to go as its in the way)
    I now have a memory foam job that came from Ebay and I love that.

    Tempur memory are amazing, but not cheap - close to £1000 for a Kingsize. Can last up to 25 years though, so long term I think it's worth it. Best nights sleep ever on Tempur, and it never sags.


    I would happily spend, as much money, as i can afford on a bed because i like to spend as much time as possible in it.

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    thank you guys will read up on this tonight with a view to purchase this week
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