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[UPDATED] Buy from any PlayStation PSN region inc. Turkey at face value with CryptoPay.me OR Crypto.com Virtual Visa Card - NO VPN Required

Posted 7th May 2020
Please note I am no longer actively updating this discussion post.

UPDATE 19/10/22 - Transaction fees to apply with Crypto.com purchases from 19/12/2022. please see notes below. How-to guide tidied up for ease of use following feedback.


1) Sign up for an account via the CRYPTO.COM iOS / Android app, you will need to provide a photograph of your ID e.g. a driving licence along with a selfie in line with their customer onboarding, KYC and anti-money laundering procedures.

2) Once your account is open, proceed to order one of their Visa debit cards. NOTE - It is recommended you opt for the 'Midnight Blue' Card as this does not require a CRO stake balance to apply for the card. NOTE - Initially, this is a physical card application and you will be required to complete additional address verification via the app. Once your card request is approved, you will be able to view a Virtual Visa version of the card via the app. NOTE - Once you have your virtual visa card, please click 'Enable International Usage' in the app.

3) Top-Up the virtual visa card via the CRYPTO.COM app. NOTE - The only option is to load the card via a debit or credit card payment e.g. from your regular bank. The minimum top up is £20. Please note that Crypto.com Virtual Visa cards are now subject to a 1% loading fee. NOTE - Unlike CryptoPay.me cards you CANNOT unload the card / withdraw a remaining balance after a PSN purchase, therefore it is recommended that you carefully calculate the total cost of your PSN purchase and then Top-Up the card accordingly. From my own testing CRYPTO.COM appear to be using a very similar currency conversion rate to that used on the Google Currency Converter.

Please note that from 19/12/22 the following transaction fees will apply when using Crypto.com cards:

Within EU and UK - 0.2%
Outside EU and UK 2.0%

4) Add the CRYPTO.COM virtual visa card as a payment method on your PSN account. NOTE - From my own testing I have found this needs to be done directly via account management on the PS4 or PS5 Console for the card to be added successfully without errors. NOTE - When adding the card as a payment method you MUST use the Turkish address you used when setting up your PSN account or the process may fail.

5) VOILA! Complete your PS+ or game purchase on PSN. NOTE - From my own testing I have found that any purchases need to be made via the PS4 or PS5 console directly for the transaction to complete 100% at the first time of asking.


This method may well also work for the EU residents browsing this site, see notes below.

1) Apply for an an account at CryptoPay.me, you will need a Tier 3 account to get the free Virtual Visa Card.

2) Once account is approved you can get free Virtual Visa Cards in both GBP and Euro currencies if a UK resident, EU residents can also apply for an account and obtain an EU currency card.

NOTE - Loading funds to the card is a two step process, you first need to load funds to your CrypoPay GBP / Euro account from a personal bank account in your name, after which funds can then be moved to your card. To keep the card there is a £1 monthly service fee for the GBP card and 1 Euro for the Euro currency card (if you choose to have one). The loading fee for moving funds from the CryptoPay GBP account to the GBP card is 1% and the foreign transaction fee is 3%. Having run a few test transactions this broadly equates to the rates you find on the Google Currency converter give or take a few pence and so are quite reasonable.

3) Add the Virtual Visa Card as a payment method on PSN (adding card on browser, iOS app and console all appear to work), ensuring you use your valid / legitimate UK billing address. The only thing you wont' be able to change on PSN is the default country.

NOTE - The opening of the account and initial loading of funds is not an instant process, verification checks will be made at their end including the first bank transfer you make to the card, have some patience.


NOTE - Where your CryptoPay.me virtual visa card has a year end expiry date of 2025, please change this to 2024 on adding the card as a payment method to PSN if you experience errors on checking out.


COMMON QUESTION 1 - Can I pay with Revolut, Starling or Monzo?

ANSWER - The short answer is NO. These cards are Geo-Blocked at Sony's end, all payment card BINS (first 6 digits of any payment card issued by these providers) of UK origin e.g. where the customer is a resident of the UK are blocked on all non-UK PSN stores. This has been the case for well over 12 months, if not 2 years plus in some cases.

COMMON QUESTION 2 - Can I buy games off the Turkish, Argentinian or Brazilian Xbox stores using a CryptoPay or Crypto.com card?

ANSWER - The short answer is NO. Microsoft have long since Geo-Blocked Crypto-Pay virtual visa BIN numbers.

COMMON QUESTION 3 - Do I really have to pay the monthly £1 fee to CryptoPay?

ANSWER - The short answer is NO. If you simply unload any remaining balance from the CryptoPay card after your PSN purchase, you will NOT be charged the £1 monthly fee.
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Revolut no longer works folks.
UPDATE: CRYPTOPAY & CRYPTO.COM Don't seem to be working to buy PS Plus at the moment...
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    Here's some valuable information for EU visitors: €5 cost for the card

    READ CAREFULLY -- Read everything before you do something!

    First off: I've read that UK residents have been able to add both CryptoPay.me and Crypto.com cards to their accounts. This post is aimed more at non-UK members of this website.

    This thread has became the default for anyone looking to get cheaper games. I've read several posts from EU users that haven't been able to add any new cards to their Turkish accounts. I personally made a new account and hadn't been able to purchase anything -- until today!

    TL;DR: Swedish (EU) user added new card to Turkish account. Costs €5 for the card. Purchased games and topped up the card.

    I live in Sweden (EU) and only had my personal PSN account. I didn't like that Sony charged me almost €90 for a new game, while retail outlets sell the same games on a disc for less than €50 - and I can even sell that if I would want to.

    So this is how I finally managed to add a card to my new Turkish account and how I topped upp my account with money in case my card would stop working.

    I made a new Turkish account in a web browser (specifically Safari on macOS) and filled in the following for addresses when asked:


    Street: Tevkifhane Sk no 12
    State: Fatih
    City: Istanbul
    Postal code: 34122
    Country: Turkey

    Use a real email address. I didn't have to add the Street when I created the account, but I did add it afterwards in a web browser. Login > Account Settings > Residential address.

    CryptoPay.me: I haven't tried it. As of writing, it seems like it does not work to add a new card. If you have an old card, it might still work.
    Crypto.com: I got their Midnight Blue (free) card. I haven't been able to add it to my Turkish account, no matter the combination -- see below**. It seems to work for some UK users, but not for any EU users!
    Coinbase.com: It worked! Details below.

    ** = Have tried Turkish address, real address, Full name, removed middle name, web browser, PS5. Tried so many times I was blocked three days in a row = a lot of tries.

    What finally worked was the Coinbase virtual Visa card. I personally got it yesterday and today I could add it to my Turkish account (when my daily block was over).

    The Coinbase card is a physical card and costs €5. They will mail that card to your home address. This amount has to be paid for using crypto, meaning BTC, ETH or LTC.

    After you've added €5 of crypto to your Coinbase account and paid for the card, you will get access to a virtual card. This is the card that you add to your Turkish PSN account.

    I added my Coinbase virtual Visa card to my Turkish PSN account from my Safari browser. When filling out this information, use your real information that is from your Coinbase account.

    When the card was added to my PSN account, I could top up my account with 10-200 TL at a time. I was able to do about 4x200TL before I was forced to input a number from an SMS.

    After inputting this SMS code, I was greeted with another page that wanted another code -- just go back and start over and it will work again. That second code was never needed for me (and I never had one to start with).

    At the time of writing, I added enough TL to purchase Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ragnarok Edition + Diablo 2 Resurrected. After that, I added enough to be close to 1200 TL that I've read is the limit.

    Please note that I've added all funds through the Playstation 5 Settings > Users > Account. I was NOT able to add funds via a web browser. I could add all funds in a row (200 TL at a time). When asked for SMS code, I entered the one I got. When asked for another code I just went back and started over - it would work next time.

    A medal for me for this write-up, thank you very much.

    Edit: I personally use Revolut to fund my Revolut card for free. I then send EUR from Revolut to Coinbase for free. It is instantly received on Coinbase as EUR. I then go to pro.coinbase.com, add funds from Coinbase, exchange for LTC, withdraw to Coinbase.

    That way I get much lower fees compared to buying LTC directly from Coinbase GUI. Coinbase Pro is a part of Coinbase and transfers between them are instant. (edited)
    Does this method still works?
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    As ian7891 mentioned, proxy via ps5 network settings works for subs, I just stacked until 2026.

    go to the spys.one/proxy/TR on a browser.

    go to your ps5 network settings.

    look for your wifi and press the start button and advanced settings. Set proxy to USE.

    put the IP address in from one of them on the list on your browser, then put the port number in, it’s right next to the IP address on that page (eg, xxx.xx.xxx.xx 8080)

    now this part is kind of tricky since there’s no way of knowing if it will work or not since my internet and Psn showed as not signed in but the purchase still went through. The one that worked for me connected for a brief second but then when I went to test the connection it wouldn’t show as signed in, I thought what the hell it showed it worked for a split second so I tried the purchase anyway and it went through.

    I didn’t go to the store page, I went straight into my user settings and subscription settings then hit the buy again button. It connected once, second payment didn’t connect but the 3rd and 4th went through.

    it’s hit and miss and a little time consuming but it works for subs.

    credits to ian7891 for discovering this.

    edit: I used crypto card but cryptopay seems to work too. You can also add funds to wallet and pay for subs like that with the method above. (edited)
    I can confirm this still works as of today. Just bought three years of PS Plus Extra for around £54.
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    Posted this elsewhere but copying here for exposure, given Crypto.com changes and increasing visitors here from Europe it is important to understand how they work (or don’t) for those of us in UK..


    This is more a change of the issuing bank or payment processor. The previous card issuing authority had two ‘branches’ in UK and Lithuania, the mismatch and payment success will probably come from transactions made against the latter issued cards. They are moving to a provider based out of Lithuania so this situation may improve.

    It’s important to understand why these cards have worked to date. Crypto virtual cards usually originate from payment providers outside the UK, by and large verified by visa cannot be run successfully against these cards and so where addresses are fudged payments generally go through albeit with the odd error. Only recently some of these cards were issued by a payment authority in the USA. People on here from Europe scouring for hints just aren’t going to get the same experience. The odd few may get lucky but that is about it. Whilst well intended it does get in the way of UK users finding the info they need here.

    I mean well but after all it’s a local forum for local people.
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    Just managed to stack 5 years of extra for approx £79.53
    This is how I did it:

    - Joined cryptopay, verified ID. I topped up cryptopay virtual debit card by £80 by first making a bank transfer to top up the GBP wallet in the app and then transferring this to the virtual visa
    - set up new turkey Ps account with different email address from console. Used a Turkish address of a hotel that I've visited before.
    - used console to try signing up which didn't work but at least I added the card that way with no issues.
    - purchased first year of Ps plus essential for 240TL via Ps app on android.
    - purchased 4 more years of essential by going to manage subscriptions > buy more in the app.
    - I then tried to change tier and was then offered either Extra for 405TL or Deluxe for 545TL. I didn't have enough funds in my Cryptopay card for the Deluxe and couldn't be bothered waiting another 2 hours for another bank transfer to go through so went for extra. Thought I could upgrade to Deluxe for the difference (140) later but now that I have Extra it's wanting 300TL to upgrade. About £10 extra to do it that way. Not that bothered about ps1 games and game demos so will keep extra for now.

    All in all 5 years of Ps plus extra for £80 is absolutely amazing!

    I don't think there's a limit to 5 years either I could keep buying if I wanted. Thought 5 years was enough though
    I transcribed your feedback for the French tutorial on Dealabs.

    Note that it also works from the browser (PC) : "Buy Again"
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    Will good if mod pin or write down in main post to all peoples see that.

    Not working:
    Revolut - Visa (worked long time ago)
    Crypto.com - Visa (EU account) (worked long time ago)
    Icard - Visa
    Binance - Visa
    Wirex - Mastercard
    MyTu - Prepaid Mastercard
    Bankera - Visa
    Paysend - Mastercard
    SweepBank - Mastercard
    Swedbank - Mastercard
    Curve - Mastercard
    Bunq - Mastercard
    Joompay - Visa (early working)
    Trastra - Visa
    Genome - Visa
    Vivid - Visa
    Crypterium - Visa
    Change: Bitcoin Wallet - Visa
    Omniwire - Mastercard
    Tap - Buy and Send Bitcoin - Mastercard
    Sync - Mastercard
    Conotoxia - Visa
    DiPocket - Mastercard
    PayDay - Mastercard
    PayQuin - Visa
    Bitsika - Mastercard
    Monese - Mastercard
    Nexo Wallet - Mastercard (Dipocket Card)
    W1TTY - Visa
    Ozan SuperApp - Visa
    Moneybase - Mastercard

    Maybe more, dont remember all services.

    CryptoPay - Visa - no fee for emty card
    YooMoney - Visa - (tested long time ago)(at this War time its not posible to TopUp)
    Monolith - Visa - (tested long time ago)
    Crypto.com - Visa (UK account not EU)(Not tested by me)

    After testing results, work mostly Visa, noone Mastercard work and worked early.

    Need to test:
    ADV Europe Virtual
    Klinxcard (edited)
    I'm having a hard time using cryptopay card to pay, I managed to add it once a few days ago and when I tried to use it, it said an error occured. I removed it in the meantime to add a crypto.com card which I see is now unusable as well, now I can't add the cryptopay card back. When I registered the account I used 34025 Istanbul postal code, can you help with an address I can use when I add the card back? My discord : CYBER GANGSTAR#4200
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    Thanks for this! It took a few days of effort due to the approval waiting process, but got there in the end. Just purchased the digital version of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 for about £22 instead of £40.

    My process was:
    1. Downloaded Crypto.com iOS app and created an account. Approved with driving license within an hour.
    2. Signed up for Midnight Blue card. Waited just under 2 days for the card to be approved. (Was in 'Pending' status during this time). Had an email notification to confirm.
    3. Browsed Turkish PSN store to find the price of the item(s) I wanted to buy and used Google's conversion tool to calculate how much it will cost in Pound Sterling.
    4. Topped up with the converted cost with an extra £1 just in case using my UK debit card and UK details.
    5. Created a new PSN account with a new/unused Gmail account and selected Turkey as region. Used real name and date of birth, but used the following address details; City: Istanbul, State: Fatih, Postcode: 4091.
    6. Added the Crypto.com virtual card as a payment method, just like a debit card. Used my own UK address including UK postcode, but left country as Turkey (you can't change the country anyway).
    7. Purchased the game with the new account and new payment method (I used a web browser for this, but I'm sure you an do it on any device including the console).
    8. Created a new console user account on the PS5, added the new Turkish PSN account details.
    9. Downloaded the newly purchased game on the Turkish account.
    10. Signed out and switched back to my usual UK PSN account and the game was there ready to play.

    The only parts of the process that involved having to wait were approving the Crypto.com account (1 hour) and approving the Crypto.com virtual card (<2 days). I did not order the physical card. Everything else was instantaneous.

    I could have created the Turkish PSN account first, then the Crypto.com account if I wanted.

    Question: I currently have 64p leftover in my Crypto.com. Not sure if I should leave that there or do something with it? (edited)
    Great stuff @WaxMechaniK and a superb post that will help many people on here!

    As far as the balance on the card, it should be fine just leaving it - I had about £9 on mine since the end of September and used it a few days ago - no issues and no fees were taken in the 6 weeks that I hadn't used the card. (edited)
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    Edit - thanks for suggestions!

    PS5 - purchase psn subscription and games:

    Thanks to this thread I've managed to stack 3 years of ps extra for about £60. I missed the pre-Christmas deal but wanted to stack before the exploits were nerfed by Sony...

    Here's how it worked for me:
    1. Set up a psn profile with a new, previously unused email, with the country set to Turkey.
    2. Set up a crypto pay account with my home address.
    3. Apply for a cryptopay virtual card (took a few days to confirm all ID in the app and finally get my first deposit in).
    4.Top up the cryptopay card with enough to cover the cost of 1/2/3 years of Psn. Its a good idea to add a little bit extra to cover small fees.
    5.Add cryptocard as payment on psn. Use your full home address, but leave country as Turkey.
    6.Use the simple guide above (translated to English!) to connect to a Turkish proxy. hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/49122785
    7.Once connected (it can take a few attempts, but works eventually) head to profile, accounts and top up. Use the crypto card to add multiples of 200tl until you have enough.
    8.Head to subscriptions and choose the psn you want - repeat to stack.
    9.Once finished, turn off the proxy and get playing!

    Buying games was far more simple and works directly from the card without any proxy. You must ensure you have enough credit on the card, but that's it! (edited)
    perfect summary

    slight adjustment :
    6. ...to connect to a Turkish "Proxy"*

    9. ...turn off the "proxy"*

    ...because in the end we don't use a VPN

    we will remind that it does not work from a PS4 (edited)
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    Thanks for this information shared here - process was seamless. My bro was about to purchase 12M for £49.99 on the UK store! Luckily I purchased 2 years for myself in April so had the crypto.com virtual card all verified and set up but the process has the new hurdle of a proxy since then (I didn't try it w/o proxy as I did in April). If it helps here's what what I did and didn't get a single error:

    1. New account on PS5 - set country to Turkey and find a turkey address to use (keep note of this address)

    2. Add crypto.com card to new account in the PS5 settings - use the Turkey address above as billing address (yes the recent guides say to use your actual billing address, but I followed what I done last time)

    3. Top up crypto.com FIAT wallet and transfer the funds to the crypto.com card. Make sure to add a little extra for transaction fees and exchange rate differences (I needed about 3% more than google showed)

    4. Go to PS5 network settings and toggle the connect to internet twice to be able to press options button on your wifi - then advanced settings - then add the following proxy provided by sam2xp (if reading in future and this proxy is down - you may need to use this guide to find your own - below working at 9/1/22):
    Add proxy to your PS5 (connection may fail but purchase anyway)
    - Proxy server: Use
    - Address:
    - Port number: 9090
    You will get a "unable to connect" error after a minute of trying to connect with this proxy - but usually the internet is working and you can ignore the error - try to go on the PS Store and if it's loading content fine then you're good despite the error

    5. Go to PS Store -> PS Plus -> Subscriptions -> Find your subscription (might need to press R2 to get to essential) -> purchase it directly from store -> stack if needed (I didn't)

    6. To disable auto-renew - go to accounts in settings -> subscriptions -> ps plus -> cancel subscription -> confirm (your sub is still active until you paid for)

    7. Go to settings -> network and then disable the proxy you used on your wifi settings
    Amazing that worked! Thank you
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    FYI I have made some important updates to the guide, these are long overdue. Please note that I have been unable to edit this post for approx 6 months. If you need help please tag me as I do not otherwise receive notifications.
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    Szabi0028/05/2022 00:09

    Could you elaborate this part? I bought crypto directly from them and …Could you elaborate this part? I bought crypto directly from them and there is a 1 EUR fee every 10 euros.Also -reading previous comments and the numerously edited original post- this credit card method will get patched by Sony. But since I have already added my card I should be safe (until it expires), right? Should I stock up TL credits on my account over the years? Thank you everyone in the forum you've been much help!

    This is how I add money to my Coinbase card:

    1. Add money to Revolut (free)
    2. Send money from Revolut to Coinbase (free)
    3. Transfer money from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro
    4. Buy LTC (or ETH, BTC)
    5. Withdraw crypto back to Coinbase
    6. Use card on console

    I can only speak for me as a Swede, but Revolut has no fee for adding money from my card to Revolut. Maybe on weekends, they add a fee for conversion, but on week days it is free.
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    larder14/12/2021 15:00

    Can someone kindly confirm - is there a foreign transaction fee % with …Can someone kindly confirm - is there a foreign transaction fee % with Crypto.com, like there is with Cryptopay (3%)?If so, what is the %?

    There is no transaction fee with Crypto.com, their conversion rates are broadly in line with Google currency rates.

    FYI guys, have put together a video guide on YouTube for those that prefer these things in that format..

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    Just a heads up on a simple mistake that many people may make including myself, once you’ve transferred money to Cryptopay you then have to remember to load your virtual card with that money you’ve transferred. I spent ages last night wondering why my card was being declined when paying for Vanguard from the Turkish store, it was because I hadn’t transferred the money, and I’m an experienced Cryptopay user!
    Regarding buying from the Turkey store my Turkish address for credit card on the PlayStation store, I have my UK street name and house number in Street Address 1, my uk City in the City option, my UK County in State or Province, my UK Postcode in the Postcode option, then in Country or region I have Turkey.
    Regarding paying through the Turkey store I use Cryptopay app on my mobile phone, the icon looks like a horizontal S.
    Hope this helps people
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    CryptoPay.me still works for me. I had to go via my phone app though. I got the EA monthly subscription to play Fallen Order, wouldn't work through console but worked fine via the app.

    When I do it via the app, it sends a text verification to my phone but when I try via the console it just failed. Told me to use a different payment method.
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    Just want to confirm that cryptopay / nearpay worked for PS Plus with VPN + Mobile app first try
    Cost £20.99 for 1 year of PS Deluxe
    I cant get mine to work. PS account and the added card details match. Tried on console, web browser and on the app with vpn with no luck. I'm wondering if they just don't like the address I've chosen?
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    I just wanted to let everyone know that i have successfully used a coinbase virtual card, I'm from Europe.
    @andreas0013 Are you able to buy ps plus? I managed to add Coinbase card too but can only buy games with it.
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    Quick fix for getting ps+ subs working with crypto again. Use a proxy server.
    Can you explain further?

    I tried using the PS App on my phone whilst I was VPN'd to Istanbul and getting errors so interested to hear what you did to get the ps+ sub working! Cheers
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    I just tried to stack another year on my PS+ using app & paying with PSN wallet funds & had same error (unexpected error occurred). Then tried turning on Turkish VPN (using the Windscribe VPN offer that was on here yesterday) & it worked. Not sure how useful that is for anyone else but if you've got funds in your wallet then you should at least be able to use them to buy/stack PS+. (edited)
    Thanks mate. After trying over a hundred times yesterday this has finally allowed me to stack an extra year of ps plus. @joeydeacon worth mentioning this as a workaround for ps plus purchase errors?
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    crypto.com will be charging a foreign transaction fee from 19 December.......just had an email to notify me of this for midnight blue, ruby steel, royal indigo and jade green cards only

    within uk and eu 0.2%
    outside uk and eu 2.0%
    Aye, also got that email earlier, I have updated the guide to account for this.
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    Hello everyone, I am looking for information about Watch Dogs Legion on the Turkish PSN

    we know that the additional languages are downloadable from the game but I would like to know if the FR language is available from the Turkish version? (PPSA different on FR Store)
    If someone has this title and could help us, a big thank you
    I bought this from the turkey store in a recent sale and checked the available languages- English snd Russian only I’m afraid and this applies to the spoken and the written words.

    The Russian language requires an additional download snd I cannot see any other option to select or download any other language. (edited)
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    Is it possible to add less than 10 TL to my wallet? I have around £0.18 left in my CryptoPay card and I wanted to ask would they charge me the £1 monthly fee for having that tiny amount?
    I asked Cryptopay this and they only charge if you have more than £1
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    Can someone please DM me the PS4 PS+ Subs method? I can't load funds into my account and I've tried everything... I have registered a CryptoPay.me* virtual card.

    @mikanime are you aware of this?
    Hello, I do not help fresh profiles and those who only ask questions without ever returning, there are too many people who use this mutual aid to resell Turkish PSN accounts

    nothing personal
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    UPDATE 14/04/22

    CryptoPay.me Virtual Visa Cards can no longer be added as a payment method to new PSN accounts, irrespective of non-UK region, or re-added to existing non UK PSN accounts.

    Note that CryptoPay.me cards do continue to function OK in situations where the card is ALREADY TIED to a PSN account, but for how long nobody knows. Under no circumstances should you now unlink a CryptoPay card unnecessarily from a Turkey PSN account as you will lose the ability to buy games on the cheap using it. Note that with Turkey PSN there is no gift card fallback option to rely on.

    Workaround - as things stand, it remains possible to add Crypto.com Virtual Visa Cards to new PSN accounts or to re-add an existing Crypto.com card to an existing PSN account, it is advisable to look at this option as an alternative. Please note however that (unlike CryptoPay) removing excess funds off the card once loaded is not particularly straightforward.

    (If someone here could please add this to the OP as a community update it would be appreciated, as I no longer have the option to update the OP)
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    Just a heads up, not sure if been mentioned. If you use crypto.com method, there is a minimum £20 top up but if you add it to the fiat wallet via bank transfer, you can top up anything. I had £8 on my card and needed £11 so I topped up £5 via this and was there within 10 minutes. Transferred it from fiat wallet to card and it works fine. Saves the whole £20 minimum
    That’s amazing news. I can upgrade to premium now
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    vn129/11/2021 14:01

    Just so I get my head around it, overall using the cryptocard am I looking …Just so I get my head around it, overall using the cryptocard am I looking at around 4% in fees?

    Personally I do a currency conversion using the Google currency converter tool, then add 3% based on the total GBP cost once converted, then add £1 to ensure the payment goes through on the card. Never had an issue doing this.
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    Banan12113/04/2022 19:47

    Comment deleted

    I have tested both CryptoPay and Crypto.com cards as still 100% working with Turkey PSN, in both cases tested fine from PS5 console, haven't gone so far as to checking via browser or app etc.
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    Bit late to all this but finally got my virtual card, added it to my account and bought something first try, no issues, yet.

    Time to go on a spending spree.


    Replying to

    Yes, bought 2 games today, both went through just fine. Card was added and games were bought via the PS5.
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    Just thought I'd post this. Cryptopayme is working as of this post for ps plus.
    1st. Ps store account creation. (VPN set to turkey) and it let me create the account on a incognito mode browser.
    The cryptopayme virtual visa (took 6 Hours from initial verification to first deposit.)
    1st create the account, go through verification. Once verified apply for the virtual visa card.
    Your first top up too your cryptopayme account has to go through a manual verification so can take some time.
    Once topped up to your main fiat account you can then transfer that into your virtual visa.

    Once done transfer out the balance of the card to avoid fees. (There's a 0.25P minimum to transfer out to be aware).

    Paying for PS PLUS

    A few things. 1st your billing address you set too match your UK one except the country which you can't change.
    The next is for PS PLUS, I could only get it to work via the PS app. Again I had to use VPN to let the purchase go through.

    Added the virtual visa to the ps account via the app, completed a OTA via text.
    Boom ps plus extra for £18.39
    Which vpn did you use 
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    Data points / guides if useful as of today (13th December 2022):

    - I have a Turkish PSN account set-up this summer with an 'Istanbul' address. I have never changed this address.
    - At the time - I signed up for a Crypto.com Midnight Blue card.
    - During the summer this worked fine for games and PS+ subscription using the console (but not the PS app or online), with the billing address set to the same fake Istanbul address as on the PS account.
    - Recently, this month, as with others, I have tried to renew additional years of the PS+ subscription but encountered issues where these transactions were declined on the Crypto.com card. I tried everything including changing the billing address / VPN / device etc to no avail. It's been confirmed by many many others in this thread - but just to reiterate, PS+ subs on Crypto.com cards is dead for now, I wouldn't even bother trying.
    - Game purchases and account top-ups using the Crypto.com Midnight Blue still seem to go through fine for now (N.B. You CANNOT purchase PS+ subs using account credit).
    - Reading the comments on here I signed-up for a Cryptopay.me account and GBP virtual card. Authentication with my ID documentation was rapid (less than 10 minutes). I made my first GBP deposit to Cryptopay Fiat GBP and this was also rapid, approx 30 minutes to be credited to my GBP account. I was able to load this on to the virtual card with no fees.
    - Again based on existing comments I ignored the console altogether and used the PS app to attempt to repurchase additional years of PS+ using the new Cryptopay GBP virtual visa card. I selected to add a new payment method, entered in the new Cryptopay virtual visa card details and put the billing address as my UK Cryptopay card details (except for the country which is of course locked to Turkey).
    - N.B. I did not use a VPN, I did not change the PS account address, I used a 2025 expiration card with 2025 accurately entered in billing details, and I also ensured I had no TL account credit in case this had an impact.
    - These transactions have gone through absolutely fine through the PS App after going to Visa SMS 2FA and entering the SMS code.
    - I now have multiple years PS+ essential stacked which came out at £10.87 p/y (vs XE rates of £10.37), which roughly aligns with the advertised virtual visa fees - so factor in an 5% extra in fees.

    Hope this helps
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    Excellent with the Proxy - wish I'd stacked previously and thought I missed my chance

    Just stacked a few years of Deluxe
    Proxy method- see the posts up this thread from approx 23 Dec
    I used a proxy provided by my VPN
    Crypto.com virtual card - I've had it approx 9months
    I could fund the wallet
    I could buy subs directly from the crypto card once wallet was empty
    I got the error message when adding the proxy but transactions still went through - note some did and some didn't- sometimes it took 3 attempts

    All done directly from ps5 (edited)
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    LazyAce03/01/2022 18:02

    I did exactly the same. Have gone entirely digital based on the Turkey …I did exactly the same. Have gone entirely digital based on the Turkey store and sold all my disc games over Christmas. Luckily I'd platinumed MM so won't be going back to it, probably. Still a pain though as dropped £19 on the Turkish one just in case I want to go back and now have to repurchase the UK digital MM...I've not had an issue with any other PS4 or 5 game so have just stuck with the Turkish all digital option - all my other games read my UK account saves perfectly fine. Luckily I'm fairly new to PlayStation - as have a Series X too - so didn't have a ton of games anyhow so it doesn't make much difference.

    Yep,I just got rid of about 30 PS4 games myself, all platinumed and got rid of the ones where I had a PS Plus version, or found for a cheap price on the Turkey store. I think i've just worked out how we can tell by looking at the URL links,

    Resident Evil 2 - UK PSN Store / Turkey Store:

    Resident Evil 3

    Notice those product numbers are the exact same at the end.

    Dishonored 2:

    Slight variance - 603 and 604.

    Miles Morales:

    Different numbers

    Rift Apart

    Same numbers

    Whilst advisable to buy your games via the console it seems if you're buying an older game (maybe through going digital or rebuying a game you regret selling), check the PSN site first to ensure compatibility?

    leeblack8303/01/2022 18:31

    quick google search and save data is region locked, but also found …quick google search and save data is region locked, but also found belowFor a quick and dirty check to see if saves are compatible you can check the webstore and the PPSA code in the URL must be the same as your current PS5 game.using this method, i checked both stores and resi evil 2 is same code on both CUSA09171MM turkey is PPSA01417MM UK is PPSA01461Demon Souls Turk is PPSA01341Demon Souls UK is PPSA01341so could be a way to check

    Got there just before me, cheers. (edited)
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    There is a real issue that if you start to repeatedly send through a purchase attempt and there are not enough funds then your card will be blocked either by sony or by crypto.com so just add a few extra pounds to the wallet - any left over balance wont go anywhere and will be waiting for you the next time you want to buy something else!
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    I got 5 years of PS Plus Deluxe using CryptoPay for around £86.56.

    - PS Turkish account
    - Registered CryptoPay virtual VISA GBP account as payment method, address I just used my UK home address
    - Used the PS App on Android (no VPN needed in my case) and bought 1 year PS Plus Essential 5 times, every purchase needed a OTP from CryptoPay received to your phone number
    - After buying PS Plus Essential for 5 years total, I was unable to upgrade to Extra or Deluxe, I would always get "Something went wrong" regardless of device I used, computer browser, phone or console, with and without VPN
    - Bought cheapest thing I could find in the store with the CryptoPay card, after that I was also able to upgrade to Deluxe with no problem. The thing I bought from the store and the upgrade were done directly on the console, although I don't know how much that matters.
    How much you saving when you do essential then upgrade to deluxe
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    How I the heck do I withdraw money from Crypto.com.??

    I've been going around in circles trying to work it out but no luck.
    I got money out of crypto.com by adding the card to my paypal and sending the money to a friend using the crypto.com card through paypal.
  34. Avatar

    It’s saying this when trying to create a psn turkey account (edited)
    Create it on console
  35. Avatar
    klabnix22/12/2021 18:45

    any joy?

    It took me around 12 hours to get approved since signing up and providing all documents.
  36. Avatar
    LazyAce03/01/2022 18:02

    I did exactly the same. Have gone entirely digital based on the Turkey …I did exactly the same. Have gone entirely digital based on the Turkey store and sold all my disc games over Christmas. Luckily I'd platinumed MM so won't be going back to it, probably. Still a pain though as dropped £19 on the Turkish one just in case I want to go back and now have to repurchase the UK digital MM...I've not had an issue with any other PS4 or 5 game so have just stuck with the Turkish all digital option - all my other games read my UK account saves perfectly fine. Luckily I'm fairly new to PlayStation - as have a Series X too - so didn't have a ton of games anyhow so it doesn't make much difference.

    quick google search and save data is region locked, but also found below
    For a quick and dirty check to see if saves are compatible you can check the webstore and the PPSA code in the URL must be the same as your current PS5 game.

    using this method, i checked both stores and resi evil 2 is same code on both CUSA09171
    MM turkey is PPSA01417
    MM UK is PPSA01461

    Demon Souls Turk is PPSA01341
    Demon Souls UK is PPSA01341

    so could be a way to check
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    enfluence124/01/2022 22:39

    [Image] Street: SİVAS CAD. NO:26/A, 44090City: …[Image] Street: SİVAS CAD. NO:26/A, 44090City: MerkezState/province/area: MalatyaPhone number 422 3265329Country calling code +90Country TurkeyAm I entering this address in right?

    once you have transferred the money over to your crypto.com account you then need to move the money from the account over onto the virtual visa blue card within the app to be able to add it on the ps5. the money may well be in your account but you then need to move the money from the fiat wallet over onto the virtual visa debit card.

    lastly make sure you have turned on "enable international usage" on your virtual visa card. to do so go to CARD > TOP RIGHT CLICK CARD > UNDER CARD SETTINGS - ENABLE INTERNATIONAL USAGE

    when you wish to purchase games from the turkish psn store YOU MUST do it from the console itself. not on an iphone, laptop or browser. all purchases are made from the physical console.

    also when adding the virtual visa card on your console you need make sure your BILLING information and ADDRESS on the ps5 console need to be the turkish address you added onto your psn turkish account so they match.


    if you are getting the error on playstation at checkout:
    "an unidentified error occurred. Try again in a few moments"
    this means you virtual visa debit card from crypto.com isnt active as of yet and need to wait 24 hours before you can purchase.

    "Please check your credit/debit card information and try again."
    You may not have enough funds on your account to make the purchase - try and purchase something cheap for example 2/3 pound if you have £20 on your account and see if that goes through ok.

    20 minimum deposit on crypto.com
    10 on cryptopay

    currency conversion to work out how much you need:

    Instructions on setting it up:

    Plus video for instructions:
    youtube.com/wat…KEI (edited)
  38. Avatar
    BigPappaPump30/01/2022 15:19

    Hi @joeydeacon Just wanted to say thanks for this. Managed to order …Hi @joeydeacon Just wanted to say thanks for this. Managed to order Horizon Zero Dawn FW PS4 edition (Hoping it'll upgrade to PS5 when out) no problem. Done via CryptoPay.me.Side note, is there a site that you know of that is similar to Xbox-Now that shows game prices across the regions? Cheers

    I use PlatPrices - PS4 and PS5 Game Price and Trophy Information
  39. Avatar
    ps3ud017/02/2022 22:37

    Still waiting for Crypto.com to authorise my VCC, but had a dumb question. …Still waiting for Crypto.com to authorise my VCC, but had a dumb question. What address do you use as the home address for your PSN Turkey account? I assume I can put anything down?I know the billing address when I put in the VCC should be my actual UK address other than country.ps3ud0

    Wrong if using crypto.com the PSN and billing address need to be the same Turkish address, can be any Turkish address as long as matching, make sure you read instructions carefully

    Your address on your crypto.com account needs to be your genuine UK address
  40. Avatar
    Māsharu_Rou25/02/2022 15:52

    Anyone know how I can get Horizon FW on the ps5 store at the PS4 price, as …Anyone know how I can get Horizon FW on the ps5 store at the PS4 price, as I don't have my ps4 any longer and the 599,00 tl price doesn't show on the ps5 store, just shows the 699,00tl, and I cant purchase it from the app or Web due to payment issues, thanks.

    This worked for me with cryptopay.

    On the PS5 go into “Settings” > “User and Accounts” > “Payment and Subscription” > “Add Funds” Add 200,00tl x3 to get 600,00tl.

    Then on phone/browser buy the PS4 version Then on your PS5 go to the game redeem the PS5 version and enjoy
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