[UPDATED] Buy from any PlayStation PSN region inc. Turkey at face value with CryptoPay.me OR Crypto.com Virtual Visa Card - NO VPN Required

Posted 7th May 2020
UPDATE 19/10/22 - Transaction fees to apply with Crypto.com purchases from 19/12/2022. please see notes below. How-to guide tidied up for ease of use following feedback.


1) Sign up for an account via the CRYPTO.COM iOS / Android app, you will need to provide a photograph of your ID e.g. a driving licence along with a selfie in line with their customer onboarding, KYC and anti-money laundering procedures.

2) Once your account is open, proceed to order one of their Visa debit cards. NOTE - It is recommended you opt for the 'Midnight Blue' Card as this does not require a CRO stake balance to apply for the card. NOTE - Initially, this is a physical card application and you will be required to complete additional address verification via the app. Once your card request is approved, you will be able to view a Virtual Visa version of the card via the app. NOTE - Once you have your virtual visa card, please click 'Enable International Usage' in the app.

3) Top-Up the virtual visa card via the CRYPTO.COM app. NOTE - The only option is to load the card via a debit or credit card payment e.g. from your regular bank. The minimum top up is £20. Please note that Crypto.com Virtual Visa cards are now subject to a 1% loading fee. NOTE - Unlike CryptoPay.me cards you CANNOT unload the card / withdraw a remaining balance after a PSN purchase, therefore it is recommended that you carefully calculate the total cost of your PSN purchase and then Top-Up the card accordingly. From my own testing CRYPTO.COM appear to be using a very similar currency conversion rate to that used on the Google Currency Converter.

Please note that from 19/12/22 the following transaction fees will apply when using Crypto.com cards:

Within EU and UK - 0.2%
Outside EU and UK 2.0%

4) Add the CRYPTO.COM virtual visa card as a payment method on your PSN account. NOTE - From my own testing I have found this needs to be done directly via account management on the PS4 or PS5 Console for the card to be added successfully without errors. NOTE - When adding the card as a payment method you MUST use the Turkish address you used when setting up your PSN account or the process may fail.

5) VOILA! Complete your PS+ or game purchase on PSN. NOTE - From my own testing I have found that any purchases need to be made via the PS4 or PS5 console directly for the transaction to complete 100% at the first time of asking.


This method may well also work for the EU residents browsing this site, see notes below.

1) Apply for an an account at CryptoPay.me, you will need a Tier 3 account to get the free Virtual Visa Card.

2) Once account is approved you can get free Virtual Visa Cards in both GBP and Euro currencies if a UK resident, EU residents can also apply for an account and obtain an EU currency card.

NOTE - Loading funds to the card is a two step process, you first need to load funds to your CrypoPay GBP / Euro account from a personal bank account in your name, after which funds can then be moved to your card. To keep the card there is a £1 monthly service fee for the GBP card and 1 Euro for the Euro currency card (if you choose to have one). The loading fee for moving funds from the CryptoPay GBP account to the GBP card is 1% and the foreign transaction fee is 3%. Having run a few test transactions this broadly equates to the rates you find on the Google Currency converter give or take a few pence and so are quite reasonable.

3) Add the Virtual Visa Card as a payment method on PSN (adding card on browser, iOS app and console all appear to work), ensuring you use your valid / legitimate UK billing address. The only thing you wont' be able to change on PSN is the default country.

NOTE - The opening of the account and initial loading of funds is not an instant process, verification checks will be made at their end including the first bank transfer you make to the card, have some patience.


NOTE - Where your CryptoPay.me virtual visa card has a year end expiry date of 2025, please change this to 2024 on adding the card as a payment method to PSN if you experience errors on checking out.


COMMON QUESTION 1 - Can I pay with Revolut, Starling or Monzo?

ANSWER - The short answer is NO. These cards are Geo-Blocked at Sony's end, all payment card BINS (first 6 digits of any payment card issued by these providers) of UK origin e.g. where the customer is a resident of the UK are blocked on all non-UK PSN stores. This has been the case for well over 12 months, if not 2 years plus in some cases.

COMMON QUESTION 2 - Can I buy games off the Turkish, Argentinian or Brazilian Xbox stores using a CryptoPay or Crypto.com card?

ANSWER - The short answer is NO. Microsoft have long since Geo-Blocked Crypto-Pay virtual visa BIN numbers.

COMMON QUESTION 3 - Do I really have to pay the monthly £1 fee to CryptoPay?

ANSWER - The short answer is NO. If you simply unload any remaining balance from the CryptoPay card after your PSN purchase, you will NOT be charged the £1 monthly fee.
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Revolut no longer works folks.