New Mobile Contract - Not Orange - Cheap

    Hi All,

    Well my 12 month contact on Orange is up, the final cashback request sent off to E2Save and my PAC Code coming in the post.

    My current plan is on Orange and I use around 100mins and 30 txt a month.

    I am looking for a cheap deal to move over to for the next 12 months, sadly I cannot get one of the great Orange deals that are out there, I think I am looking at O2 or Virgin. The phone I am not too fussed about I think I want a Samsung slide one?

    Any advice would be great - I have been reading up on Mobile Outlet and don't think I want to use them due to cashback hassle ppl are reporting.

    Thanks a lot, hopefully another sub £50 mobile bill for the next 12 months!!



    why not get the 3 contract with e2save? its posted somewhere around on deals.
    you get a k610i, 400mins and 250 texts. and you pay for the 12th month.…602

    Original Poster

    Not sure I want to have a 3 contract, I hear bad things.

    Also does anyone know the coverage for the Loughborough / Nottingham area for 3?

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