New Mobile Needed

    I'm currently an Orange PAYG customer (and limited to Orange or 3 in my area). considering signing up for the Orange 10 deal but need a new phone. I like Nokkias generally and like the 6300 specifically. But I don't mind other brands.

    Any recommendations for the cheapest pay monthly / free phone deals or nice and good phone (around £80) on PAYG?

    Also, do any companies do joint contracts so I could have two phones onthe same contract with one payment?


    I have been on Orange PAYG since 2005, and I called Orange Customer Services to upgrade after seeing a phone I liked for £39.99. I was about to order, when my card did not work, so I promptly called Customer services, and then they prompted to offer me a deal. Person placed me on hold, and after a while comes back with £19.99 total...
    result,. so speak to orange and see whether they can make you an offer...
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