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    hi i got a samsung tocco yesterday but its rubbish at picking up signal compared to my last phone (n95) and doesnt have wifi. so im concidering taking it back to phones4u and swaping it for something else any one got any segestions ? cheers


    It wont be the samsungs fault you cant get signal. I thought it was to do with the network you are on?

    Are you now on a different network than when you had the n95?

    Ive just got a samsung u900 soul and its excellent!

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    nope same network same sim card less signal... searched it on google and other ppl have had problem with them not being able to pick up great signal

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    problem with that is il have to wait and i dont think they will take the phone back and let me wait seeing as its an upgrade

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    when do they come out?

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    any one no of a decent phone newly released that will be better then my old n95 and thats not the tocco that im not really enjoying


    you want the new N96 … you want the new N96 :)

    looks cool, any ideas how much these r gona cost? if they are £35 a month contracts it will b worth waitin for this rather than the n95?
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