Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 4 h, 49 m ago)
I have a Samsung s10 just now. Had it for 3 years, battery is terrible now. Got it replaced last week and it's just the same. I'm going to australia for 2 months on Sunday and that's why I got a new battery in it. Looking for a decent but cheapish phone to buy just now. I'm with giff gaff on £10 sim so not wanting a contract. Does anyone have any recommendations for any phones? Had a look at argos but not sure what one to buy.
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    Definitely consider the Pixel 6a.

    No other phone in that price range will have a decent camera.
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    Yet another vote for the Google Pixel 6a. Do that with their trade in promotion and it will bring the device into budget.
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    Usual pick for camera would be £299 Pixel 6a + £100 trade in old device.
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    If you replaced the battery and it's the same you either got scamed or it wasn't replaced. Download accubattery app and input your original battery capacity and recharge your phone a couple of times with the app on and see the battery health. Make sure the phone is down to 2-3% and charge it to 100%.
    The girls replaced it 3 times and it's still doing it. He have me the old battery back and ended up replacing it with a Samsung one. I will try that app
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    If replaced with appropriate and known-decent battery multiple times it may indicate an app is misbehaving and drawing excess power,
    where the same app may also misbehave on a new phone...

    If you persistently have battery drain problems on your handsets and believe it is the nature of your use,
    consider purchasing from CEX that provides 2 year warranty - including any non-removable battery.
    Prior to purchase it may be prudent to clarify what battery degradation CEX would regard as trigger for battery warranty claim.
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    What's your budget? Any features that are important to you?
    Good camera as I'm going on holiday. £200 max. I like Samsung, always had them but this always ends up the case with the battery
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    you can possibly grab a used galaxy s21fe from eBay. 
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    Plenty on Giff Gaff site new and refurbed
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