New Mobile Phone: Any Ideas?

    Im looking for a new phone. In the past i have had sony ericssons w850i and a nokia 5800.

    I really like the style and functionality of the sony ericssons and the nokias i like as well as they are so simple.

    I mainly use it for texting, listening to music, watching videos and internet browsing.

    Must have:
    Wi-fi enabled
    music player
    camera and video camera

    Hope you can help! Budget between £100-150



    Take a look at the Sony Ericsson W995. I wanted to replace my old SE but nothing came out for 2 1/2 years that I thought was better! That is until this one came out last year.

    Does all that you want, looks good, well built, small and most importantly the buttons are good for texting.

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    Awesome, been looking at that one too and it sounds good. Is it in my price range of £100-150?

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    HTC Magic


    Iphone. Has everything you need and more. Once you turn Iphone you can never turn back though!

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    I stated that my budget was £100-150

    I've got a brand new W995 here, locked to Vodafone. Will sell for £150.

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    Thats a shame, i need it on 02 or unlocked

    I would sell for £140, if you can unlock it yourself.

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    I would sell for £140, if you can unlock it yourself.

    Dont know how to unlock myself anyway
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