new mobile phone for 10yr old girl - either o2 or easily unlocked

    after a phone for my daughter

    doesn't have to be fantastic, just easy to use

    don't want second hand

    any ideas of a nice cheap deal?

    already have sim


    tesco usually have deals this time of year spend X on shopping and get X off a phone and i think was coupon in xmas book of savings

    Try They have phones from £8.99 delivered.

    Or try the CarphoneWarehouse, they have some pretty good payg phones delivered for less than £20 and come with £10 credit. Some people also say that the majority of these phones come unlocked, but I've never purchased any from them so cant confirm that myself. :thumbsup:

    Hi don't know how much you're looking to spend but this is a lovely (and easy to use) phone for girls, ]http//sh…ge1
    also worth checking but think you may get a trade in for an old phone at o2 (i did this once, phone didn't even work and got £20 off a new phone) also if you already have a payg on o2 tell them it's an upgrade and they'll check your exsisting no and you will get extra credit (depending on how much you have topped-up credit)

    Argos have got mobile phones from £7.49. They also have a pink samsung for £19.59. Carphone Warehouse have a pink Samsung j700 available on 02 for £29.31 when you bur £10 airtime.

    I'll second the Samsung E250 in Lilac (widely available around £30). Just about perfect for the age, inexpensive, reasonable features and looks great. My daughter has one and loves it.
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