New mobile Phone for my ex-wife (!)

Found 14th Jan 2006
Hi Duck(y)!

Need some big help with organising A deal for my (soon-to-be) ex wife...We're still on good terms (at least we are until she finds out about the new girlfriend!) Anyway, she has been using my old phone (on my contract lol!) and the time has come for her to move on to her own handset etc.

Her needs are very specific, hope you can help! She's wanting a Sony Ericsson K750 (or possibly a W800 - or another SE handset of comparable quality). She wants Vodafone. She's wanting around 200 mins and 200 texts a month. *I'd* prefer for her to have a 12 month contract, but if it's good, then 18 may be do-able. If the cashback option goes wrong, then it'll be my neck! I'm concerned in what I've read about OSPS etc. not honouring deals, but if you say they're alright then ok - on my head be it!

Also, I'm needing a new handset. One option is to take her/my old K700 back, and use my Voda SIM card. My deal is 700 XNet mins & 1000 txt/month for £30/month, with 30 days notice - I managed to negotiate a £10 discount off the internet rate from Voda direct, but the work 6310i handset this usally goes in is going back soon. I don't need these minutes or texts really very much any more, but could get by on probably 200 mins&txt again. However, I can't do a cashback scheme - I *won't* remember to send the bills in! Option 2 would be the very very latest handset available (again pref SE.) I'd also prefer Voda, as I got my new girlfriend onto that, and she won't be happy if I bail on that network! I'd much prefer a 12 month contract.

Hope this makes sense, sorry if I ramble - this is my first post!

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Also, forgot to add that I'm more than able to help out on holiday deals for others...I'll keep an eye out and see if I can help you guys there! It seems really stupid asking for help on a mobile, as this time last year I was branch manager of a Phones4U, but a year out and a venemous dislike of mobile phone retailers really dulls the senses, y'know?

Hi and welcome to HUKD!!

I've been having a look, and I'm afraid I'm still looking!

The problem is that none of the vodaphone tariffs the 'retailer' websites offer iclude text messaging!! It's quite frustrating. They're all the vodaphone anytime plan, and vodaphone have quite cunningly done this so that you HAVE TO pay for minutes if you go to a cheaper website.

Here are some examples so you can see what I'm up against. You can see the number of text messages down the columns:

>>SE W550i<<
>>SE W800i<<

The cheapest so far isn't at OSPS though, it's at e2save - a company I've reliably had cashback from:

You get 200 anytime minutes per month. You can buy text bundles from £3 per month. You get a free SE W800i. It's a 12 month contract. The whole thing works out at £220 for the year, a little over £18 per month.


I'll try to keep looking, but othr than that I don't think vodaphone does any type of tariff other than on their own website.

What I suggest is that you contact vodaphone. Seen as you don't want a cashback offer try asking them if they can do you a cheaper deal; just try knocking them down and tell them how many minutes, etc you need and I'm sure they'll come to an agreememnt. If you don't need a phne then it MAY be possible to get an even cheaper contract where you just get the SIM card.

As for her new contract (if you ring before I post back) try telling them about that offer and asking if they can match it with something similar, possibly with texts. It might be easier if you can print out the page and take it along to one of their stores, it's easier than trying to convince them over the phone.

Good luck. I'll keep looking, but if you have to go through vodaphone themselves then it's probably best to see if you can get any money off the normal prices like you did rather than just look for a deal on their website.

I've looked on the vodaphone website.

>>THIS<< seems to be one of the best options, a free SE K750i, £25 per month for 12 months with 200 anytime mins and 250 text messages. Try phoning them though to see if you can get it cheaper It's worked for you before.
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