New mobile phone- Help please!

    hi there.
    I am looking to buy a new PAYG mobile phone. I don't have a clue what one to go for, i know the people on here will have a few suggestions.
    I currently have a PDA phone, but I'm paying too much on my contract.
    I would like a relatively small phone. I need a phone that i can check out the share prices on the net. Also i have a big phonebook which is backed up on my computer, could i transfer the phonebook onto this new phone?
    I would be willing to spend around £100-£200, but if it was more i would consider it.

    does anyone have experience of any phones that they think would suit me?




    i personally stay away from pdas as battery life is poor

    however the moto z8 slide smartphone looks g8!

    just got an mda vario iii from t-mobile - great phone. don't know how much it will set you back on payg, but i got mine for free on an 18 month contract (flext 35 with wnw - £37.50 a month).

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys for your suggestions.
    I found a nokia N73, does anyone have this phone and does the internet let you check your emails and share prices?



    I have a Nokia N95, and now that the 8GB model is out, what a buy. Stick with contract and you can seriously reduce what you use
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