New Mobile Phone With Satnav....Advice/ideas Needed.....

    Hi guys,

    Im Looking to buy a new phone and a sat nav but instead of having to carry them both around i thought i may aswell look to buy an all in one so too speak.

    Im only interested in uk maps so no need for europe.

    Just wanted to know which ones people recommend and how do i get satnav set up on the phones (pay monthly?)

    Looking to spend around 200-250 i hope

    And links to good prices will be great thanks,


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    are there any pay as you go you recommend?

    I think phones with gps are relatively high spec and therefore expensive on payg. Not even sure which ones offer it sorry. Maybe the nokia n95?


    The Nokia N95 is ok for walking and maybe cycling mapping, but for use in the car I have read the refresh rate is not so good.

    I have tried it but found the tomtom better and easier. I think, you'll find that buying a sat nav and phone separate will be your best option at the moment.

    I'd recommend the tomtom one, and the nokia N95 to suit your requirements

    I've heard the Nokia N95 is a popular phone even though its getting old.


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    I've got this one with Vodafone, called V1615, great phone. TomTom software came with it, but you have to pay for the maps.

    Compared with the TomTom One V2 I had been using, there is very little difference, except for screen size.

    Would definately recommend.
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